Here's how your zodiac sign would play 'Squid Game'.

Could You Survive Squid Game? Your Zodiac Sign Will Reveal Your Strategy

Let the games begin.


Unless you’ve been living off the grid, you’ve probably heard of a little series called Squid Game. The South Korean survival drama follows a man named Seong Gi-hun, aka Player 456, as he struggles to find a way to pay off his debt after gambling away his and his family’s money. His only way out comes through a stranger inviting him to play a mysterious, highly competitive series of children’s games where he has the chance to win the equivalent of more than $38 million. Watching each player come up with their own unique strategy to win the prize prompts a very interesting question: How would each zodiac sign play Squid Game?

Though the players participate in children’s games, that definitely doesn’t mean they were easy. Many of the games had nothing to do with strength, or even intelligence — in fact, winning seemed to be based on a mixture of luck and technique, making each individual’s approach incredibly important. In astrology, every sign has a blend of different qualities. You could be an assertive, determined water sign like Scorpio, or a stubborn, intellectual sign like Aquarius, so the way that each zodiac sign would approach these risky games is a lot to unpack. Not to worry, though, I’ve described how your zodiac sign would play Squid Game below, and very few would make it to the end.



As one of the most competitive zodiac signs, you would likely be the first to jump at the opportunity to participate in the series of games. Your sense of independence makes it easy to join in endeavors that require you to be on your own, but considering many of the games require contestants to exercise restraint or be part of a team, your independent nature would likely be your biggest downfall. Red Light, Green Light would probably be an easy win for you, but the honeycomb candy challenge would likely be when your playtime came to an end, since it requires a lot of patience and preciseness, which aren’t your biggest areas of expertise.


Slow and steady wins the race — or does it? Since you’re a fixed earth sign, you would likely be skeptical to even partake in this series of events in the first place. If you did ultimately decide to participate, your unhurried nature would either make or break you. The first game, Red Light, Green Light, requires you to be quick. Since you tend to take your time, you may not even make it across the finish line in time to move to the next round.


Due to your light-hearted and playful personality, you love a good game — and your flexible, adaptable nature ultimately works in your favor. Making it through Red Light, Green Light and the honeycomb candy challenge would be pretty easy for you, but tug-of-war is when things would likely start to get tricky. This game requires a lot of discipline and teamwork, and as someone who thrives in environments where there’s room to bend the rules, this game would likely work against you. The good thing is, this game doesn’t solely rely on one player, so you still could possibly ending up scraping by.


As the highly emotional and intuitive sign of the zodiac, playing a series of life-or-death games for money is not exactly your cup of tea. Instead of worrying about the prize money, you’d likely be more concerned with the people around you. Playing a more nurturing role like Player 456 is more your speed, ultimately meaning that you’d make decisions based on emotions instead of logic (which *spoiler alert* worked in his favor). Red Light, Green Light probably would completely terrify you, though, and unless you’re able to keep your emotions in check, your time would likely end there.



As a natural-born leader, competing in these games would likely be a breeze for you. You love a good challenge, and as an authoritative individual, you’d easily fall into a leadership role, guiding many of the other contestants to victory. While the first few games would likely be a breeze, the glass stepping stones game would be the one to trip you up. At this point, your pride would prompt you to charge ahead with confidence, and as we know, the ones who were the first to play this game were the ones who didn’t make it.


As a Mercury-ruled earth sign, your ability to outsmart the other contestants would ensure you make it through almost every game without too much effort. Nothing gets past you, which would be the one thing keeping you from meeting your demise. Outsmarting the others is the easy part for you, while the more challenging side of Squid Game is the brutal violence. As someone who’s a bit more passive and withdrawn, you would have a challenging time with the final event. Hurting someone in general, let alone over money, goes against your nature, and would likely be the one thing that causes you to lose.


Venusian and incredibly non-confrontational, Libras are far from used to aggressively competing among others, especially to win money. Competing in this series of games requires you to be incredibly competitive and independent — two traits that starkly contrast your friendly, partnership-oriented personality. If you somehow make it past Red Light, Green Light, you would likely pair up with someone who’s only out for themselves and would probably lose because of them. In order to make it to the end of this game, you’d have to be willing to put yourself before everyone else, a seemingly foreign concept to you.


Incredibly determined and resilient, this competition wouldn’t have you too fazed. As a Mars-ruled water sign, you’ve got a strong competitive streak with the ability to fly under the radar when needed — and in almost all of the games, that would work in your favor. Quietly plotting and scheming is what would help you make it through to the end, not calling too much attention to yourself so that others would perceive you as a threat, while at the same time figuring out the best way to win. Asserting yourself when needed isn’t a challenge, so the final game wouldn’t be as daunting as it would be for everyone else. Out of every sign, you definitely have the strongest chance of winning.



Your optimistic, expansive nature would likely bring you into this opportunity with high hopes, but unfortunately, you’d be in for a rude awakening. While your lighthearted attitude would likely soften the blow when realizing what you got yourself into, you likely wouldn’t take this as seriously as you’d need to in order to make it to the end. Getting past Red Light, Green Light would be a piece of cake, but the honeycomb candy challenge would likely be the moment you’d strike out.


As someone who’s incredibly disciplined, you’d make it pretty far in the competition. Once you realized what was at stake, you’d likely come up with some sort of strategy to ensure that you made it through many of the games with as minimal effort as possible. You tend to thrive in stressful situations, which was many of the players’ downfall; the pressure was ultimately just too much. Since you’d be able to keep a calm and level head, you’d have a strong chance of making it all the way through to the end, and using the prize money to start a *very* successful business.


Your strategy would likely be the most unconventional one. You’d probably get all the players together and convince them to overthrow the guards, or come up with a way for everyone to work together to stay alive. You’re excellent at bringing people together and have a heart for all living things, so you’d hate to see people die, especially over something as trivial as children’s games.


Due to your empathetic, idealistic personality, you couldn’t care less about things like money or competition. Instead, you’d likely be more curious about the games themselves. As the dreamer of the zodiac, you’d like the idea behind playing games with a bunch of people you don’t know, but ultimately you couldn’t stand to see people suffer, so your time would likely end pretty early on.