These Are The 3 Most Emotionally Intelligent Signs In The Zodiac

by Valerie Mesa

Which do you consider more beneficial: a high IQ or a high EQ? While many prefer a high IQ, aka intelligence quotient, I personally believe having a high EQ, which measures emotional intelligence, is nothing short of a blessing. So, clearly, the following signs — Gemini, Cancer, and Libra — are blessed because they're the most emotionally intelligent zodiac signs.

Aside from my astrological perspective, the IQ versus EQ battle remains ongoing. Being emotionally intelligent means you have the ability to identify and manage your own emotions, as well as the emotions of others, per However, despite the general benefits of being emotionally empathic, this says nothing about a person's "problem-solving" skills... or does it?

To use your left brain or to use your right brain, that is the question... and that's also the question when it comes to astrology. The right brain (EQ) focuses on your creativity, intuition, and emotional awareness, while the left brain (IQ) focuses on logic, analysis, and all things evidence-based.

When you're right-brained, or more empathetic, than most, you likely thrive in social atmospheres. This is because being emotionally perceptive makes it easier to communicate with others. Those who are more left-brained, however, typically prefer to take action if and when they have an objective. Taking risks and relying on intuition is not their forte.

With that said, here's a closer look at the most emotionally intelligent signs in the zodiac:


Gemini: They Are Brilliant Communicators

No one is saying Gemini is the emotional type, but being emotionally intelligent doesn't mean you're crying yourself to sleep every night. On the contrary, being "emotional" is about being both socially and intuitively aware. And while this mutable air sign typically exudes complete detachment, don't let their innocent twin fool you for a second. Aside from being a social chameleon and a brilliant conversationalist, Gemini is ruled by the savvy messenger god Mercury; hence, their innate ability to disguise themselves according to the social setting. P.S. This air sign is both right- and left-brained.

Cancer: They Are Supreme Empaths

Believe it or not, Cancer is so intuitively aware of the emotional undercurrents swirling all around them, and this can easily get in the way of their own emotions. What I mean by that is, this water sign is an emotional antenna, and thanks to their cardinal modality, they have no problem taking the initiative in order to shift the energy. Sounds silly, but Cancers totally remind me of the vampire Jasper in the Twilight movies. This character's power is the ability to manipulate the emotional atmosphere and this is exactly what Cancer is capable of. Although, don't get too excited because this is strictly determined by Cancer's ever-changing moods.

Libra: They Are Diplomats At Heart

If you think Gemini is a clever communicator, it's probably because you haven't seen Libra in action. Granted, both have completely different approaches to getting their way — but good luck denying Libra's irresistible charm. Not only is this air sign a breath of fresh air to be around, their innate inquisitiveness never ceases to make everyone around them feel acknowledged. Although, I will say, this comes with a dash of manipulation, given their ruling planet Venus' intoxicating lure. However, these folks will have people around them eating out of the palm of their hand in no time.