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The 3 Most Independent Zodiac Signs Prioritize Their Freedom Over Everything

When you think about how you express your independence, what comes to mind? Are you someone who prioritizes unifying with others, or are you more of a lone wolf? Everyone has their own unique way of asserting their freedom, whether it’s blazing trails like an Aries, or booking an impromptu getaway like a Sagittarius. Your independence makes you who you we are, and oftentimes it points to the things that bring you the most joy. Many tend to prioritize other people’s lives (I’m looking at you, Cancer and Libra) over their own, but if you’re feeling a bit out of touch, I suggest tapping into whatever it is that makes you feel the most liberated. Every zodiac sign expresses their independence a bit differently, but the zodiac signs who require the most independence are Aries, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

Getting in touch with the area of your birth chart containing the aforementioned trio of independent signs can be an excellent way to step into your own power. If you want to know why these particular members of the zodiac require so much freedom compared to the rest, allow me to show you the way:

What Are The Most Independent Zodiac Signs?

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Aries individuals are natural-born leaders. As the sign that marks the beginning of spring, as well as and the beginning of the zodiac, they hold an enthusiasm that keeps them on the go. So much so that they tend to leave others behind. Their desire to quickly get things done fuels their independent nature, and they very much have an “I’ll do it myself” kind of attitude. These individuals need the freedom to be able to drop everything and change their plans, without having to pause and consider other options before doing so. An Aries can oftentimes get a bad rap for their impulsive nature, however, their impulses can simply be how their intuition shows up. Freedom for them to do things on their own is what sets them apart from everyone else.


These open-minded, optimistic individuals prioritize freedom and continued growth over all else. Sagittarius folks see life as a constant journey, and aren’t willing to put that journey on hold for anyone — you’re either coming with them or getting left behind. They require a lot of room to grow, and stagnancy simply isn’t an option for them. A change of pace and scenery is something they welcome with open arms. These mutable signs adapt to life’s changes with ease; they actually prefer things to change and evolve so they don’t get bored. Sagittarius individuals can’t stand to be limited or placed in a box of any kind; their dreams and plans are far too big to be contained by anyone. In order for them to continue to improve their knowledge, they must prioritize their independent beliefs outside of collective thought, and they tend to do this by going wherever the wind takes them.


This fixed air sign places a lot of emphasis on rebelling against outdated societal rules or limits. Aquarians take freedom very seriously, but not just for them — for everyone else in the world. As the humanitarians of the zodiac, these individuals prioritize their independent thoughts and ideas, even if it’s an unpopular opinion that will ruffle some feathers. These folks enjoy their outsider perspective, because it allows them to honor their unique thoughts and ideas without having to conform for anyone. An Aquarius isn’t going to go along with anything they don’t firmly believe in, even if it means they’re on their own. This is a sign you can learn so much from, because they truly aren’t bothered by having an unpopular opinion, or going down an unusual path. In fact, they are absolutely liberated by it.