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The Olympic Sport You'd Most Likely Compete In, Based On Your Sign

Gymnastics or swimming? Sport climbing or skateboarding? There’s something for everyone.

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Astrology can be applied to practically everything. From your personal style to your dating preferences, this cosmic tool can really reveal a lot about your individual personality. So when I say I can tell you the Olympic sport you’d most likely compete in, based on your zodiac sign alone, I’m not playing any games.

As the Summer 2021 Olympics roll around, you may be wondering which of the athletic events you’d excel at, if given the opportunity. While most of us will probably never experience playing in the Olympic Games, who’s to say we can’t use our imagination? After all, the Olympic sport you’d most likely compete in, according to your sun or rising sign, can say a lot about you. Are you a patient, deliberate Taurus or an energetic, freedom-oriented Sagittarius? Your zodiac sign can be the deciding factor between killing it at tennis or topping out in sport climbing, one of the Olympics’ newest events.

Though it’s too late for us to join an Olympic team — even after the latest ceremony’s postponement from summer 2020 — you can at least find out which sport has your name on it. With 30+ sports being displayed this year, there’s easily something for every zodiac sign to enjoy.

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Aries: Track And Field

This probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise, but track and field is something you’d excel at. As the first sign of the zodiac, you’re always eager to push things forward with energy and excitement — which is what running is all about. It’s also a highly competitive sport, and as a Mars-ruled fire sign, it’s right up your alley. Since you oftentimes deal with sudden bursts of energy, you could really channel that into any fast-paced activity.

Taurus: Tennis

As the patient, deliberate sign of the zodiac, you’d do well playing tennis, because it’s all about controlled moves. As an earth sign, you tend to pause and reflect before acting, and those qualities make you the ideal tennis player. This sport isn’t for those who behave impulsively, but more for the ones who look to make premeditated moves instead. It’s also a pretty routine sport, so your fixed sign nature will really love that.

Gemini: Volleyball

You’re great with your hands, so volleyball is a sport you’d play well. There’s a lot of room for creativity and movement too, so don’t worry — you wouldn’t get bored. You’re excellent at multi-tasking, so playing this game will allow you to really flex those skills. As a mentally energetic individual, you need something that’ll bring you out of your head and into the present moment. There’s not much time to stand around while playing this heavily involved sport, so you’ll definitely be invested the entire time.

Cancer: Surfing

Water signs tend to thrive around water, and you are no exception. Surfing is something active enough to keep you excited, but relaxing enough to keep you feeling safe and secure. Water helps ground you, so competing in this sport will probably feel more like therapy than a game. The ebbs and flows of the ocean are similar to the phases of the moon and your ever-changing emotions, so you’d definitely have a natural affinity for this sport.

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Leo: Gymnastics

As the proud, confident sign of the zodiac, nothing would bring you more joy than landing a perfect front handspring. Picture it: an audience full of screaming fans as they cheer you on, completely satisfying your desire for appreciation and acknowledgement. You tend to always excel at anything you put your mind to, being a fixed sign and all, and gymnastics is a sport that will definitely give you the instant gratification you’re looking for.

Virgo: Soccer

Detail-oriented and a bit of a perfectionist, you’d do great playing soccer. This sport requires learning a lot of nitty-gritty rules, something that you can’t help but find pleasure in. You’re all about doing things the right way, and soccer is definitely the sport that supports your desires. It’s also a sport played on the ground, allowing you to stay grounded while simultaneously having fun. You deserve to have fun every now and then, Virgo.

Libra: Skateboarding

As the cardinal air sign of the zodiac, you’re all about going with the flow of life, and skateboarding is a sport that can really help you lean into that. This sport is all about balance, and as the sign ruled by the scales, you’d probably get the hang of it in no time. This sport seems to be more about having fun than being the first or the best, so you won’t have to worry too much about competition (at least when you’re playing around in your local skatepark). Focusing on getting your tricks just right is a much more productive use of your time.

Scorpio: Boxing

As the Mars-ruled water sign of the zodiac, you have an introverted way of asserting yourself, and boxing could really help you get in touch with your anger. This sport requires preciseness in a way that you excel at, considering you’re a fixed sign. Your determination would make you a phenomenal boxer, and since you love to do a deep dive on all of your interests, you’d have the rules down in no time.

Sagittarius: Sport Climbing

As the freedom-oriented sign of the zodiac, you’re all about activities that give you plenty of room to roam. Climbing is a sport that literally allows you to constantly move around, while still moving closer to the finish line. You’re someone who’s full of energy, so making it to the finish line wouldn’t be a problem for you. In fact, climbing could be something you do from time to time, just to burn off the desire to run away.

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Capricorn: Karate

You’re all about setting high goals for yourself, so obtaining a black belt in karate probably sounds like music to your ears. You’re an incredibly hard worker and a natural-born leader, so fighting an opponent one on one during a karate match will fill you with energy. A sport like karate requires a lot of discipline, and as someone who actively seeks to adhere to structure in your daily life, this sport is the perfect one for you.

Aquarius: Rowing

As the eccentric sign of the zodiac, you’d do very well in a sport like rowing. Since you’re not a huge fan of following the crowd, something like rowing is definitely unconventional enough for you, and even allows you to work with a team in a very personal way. You’re all about building relationships around things you’re passionate about, so any activity that requires you to use your skills while working with others is right up your alley.

Pisces: Swimming

As the fish of the zodiac, you’d be a phenomenal pro swimmer. I’m sure you’re someone who loves the water, so swimming probably feels like your home away from home already. The sign of Pisces even rules over the feet, so any skill in which you’re able to use them is something you’d naturally excel at. Your adaptable, go-with-the-flow nature is perfect for something like swimming. Allowing the water to carry you as you glide through it is a great way to center yourself and your emotions.

To learn more about Team USA, visit TeamUSA.org. The Tokyo Olympics begin July 23 on NBC.

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