Elite Daily Newsletter: October 5, 2022

Kate Middleton's style evolution over the years, Justin responds to Hailey discussing his relationship with Selena, and more.

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Kate Middleton's Royal Style Evolution Is What Dreams Are Made Of

As Kate Middleton transitioned from royal girlfriend to Duchess of Cambridge to Princess of Wales before our eyes, so did her fashion choices. And while I don't think anyone looked as chic in 2000s-era trends as she did, I am very pleased to watch her style transformation in real time, especially since she loves an affordable accessory. READ MORE

Here's How Justin Feels About Hailey Discussing His Relationship With Selena

Stars, they're just like us: obsessed with their exes! Just kidding. Hailey recently clarified that she never dated Justin Bieber at the same time as Selena Gomez. Now that Jelena fans have finally heard Hailey’s side of the story, hopefully it can help them move on. And apparently this is how Justin feels about how everything went down. READ MORE


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How To Make Incompatible Zodiac Signs Work In A Relationship

Listen, you might be struggling in your relationship because your lover is a Pisces, or maybe they just happen to space out when you're talking to them. While it's true that there are certain zodiac pairs that are off the chart in terms of chemistry and connection, the flip side is that there are some pairings that might require a bit more work. READ MORE

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You may sometimes go overboard with spending on late-night food delivery orders or overextend your budget to pay for those irresistible concert tickets, but it’s not the end of the world. If you want to learn how to practice careful budgeting and get a fresh financial start, here’s how to do a no-spend month using TikTok tips from those who’ve tried it. READ MORE


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