Justin Bieber reacted to Hailey Bieber's "Call Her Daddy" interview.

Here’s How Justin Reportedly Feels About Hailey Discussing Jelena

I mean, I get it.

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You can ~call me very intrigued~ by this whole Hailey Bieber Call Her Daddy podcast saga. On Sept. 28, the model appeared on the podcast to clarify that she never dated Justin Bieber at the same time as Selena Gomez — and to encourage, um, still-enthusiastic Jelena stans to move on. Four years after the drama, fans finally heard Hailey’s side of the story. Sooo how does Justin feel about Hailey’s viral interview? Sources say he’s been nothing but supportive.

According to Us Weekly, Justin was unbothered by Hailey’s appearance on Call Her Daddy. Per the insider, he “didn’t have an issue” with the controversial interview. In fact, the “Peaches” crooner was reportedly “proud of Hailey for being herself and thought the whole interview was super cool.” Sweet!

Justin wasn’t the only one who seemingly reacted to Hailey’s interview. On Sept. 29, the day after the episode’s release, Selena seemingly stood up for Hailey during a TikTok livestream. The Rare Beauty founder called out “vile and disgusting” online hate, and emphasized that bullying is “not fair, and no one, ever, should be spoken to in the manner that I’ve seen.” Though she didn’t mention Hailey by name, it wasn’t hard to put two and two together.

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ICYMI, Hailey’s interview covered a lot of Jelena territory — including claims she “stole” Justin from Selena. “Hailey felt she needed to address the elephant in the room and clear the air with regards to how she and Justin got together,” the Us insider explained. “Now she’s moved on and doesn’t want to address it.”

During the interview, Hailey also called out Selena fans who have bullied her. “She means no harm to Selena herself, but it felt important to let it be known that she’s had some horrible abuse and it wasn’t okay to treat her that way and nor will it ever be,” the source added.

At the end of the day, Hailey reportedly had no regrets about doing the interview, despite what anyone might think. The Us source shared that she actually had “fun” on the podcast. “Being honest and true to her own core values is what Hailey is all about and she’s very happy in herself right now.” The insider emphasized, “In short, she won’t let the haters win.” 👏 👏