Elite Daily Newsletter: December 1, 2022

The zodiac signs that will have the luckiest month, Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s forthcoming docuseries has a trailer, and more.

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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Luckiest December

If this month has you unusually fired up, keeping your dopamine levels high, and giving you lots of hope for the future, well, maybe it’s because you’re one of these three very lucky signs. (Also, I’ve taken inspo from Taylor Swift and hid an Easter egg in this description that gives you a clue as to which of the signs will be having the best month — did you catch it?) READ MORE

Netflix's Harry & Meghan Teaser Is Finally Here

It’s official: the highly anticipated docuseries is coming — and soon! Netflix released a teaser trailer earlier today, and it’s full of new snapshots from inside the couple’s courtship (and there’s even some cute baby photos of both of them), plus some juicy quotes from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex themselves. READ MORE


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B.I Has Soulja Boy To Thank For His Return From Hiatus

As a kid growing up in the early aughts, he quickly became obsessed with Nelly and Eminem’s music. Though his family moved back to South Korea when he was 7, the influence hip-hop had on the future rapper didn’t fade. In fact, B.I brought his love for Nelly and Eminem in his carry-on, and it’s good he did. “My passion for music never changes. I'm always genuine [when it comes to] my job,” he tells Elite Daily. Read More

Your Ninth House In Astrology Determines Your Sense Of Adventure

The ninth house is known as the “house of philosophy” and encompasses a person’s higher beliefs and wisdom, but also reigns over long-distance travel and other related themes. “It’s what gives you a sense of understanding of something more,” professional astrologer Taryn Bond tells Elite Daily. “It could be striving towards enlightenment, or it could be striving towards that Ph.D.” Read More


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