Where Was The Crown Season 5 Filmed? Visit These Royal Locations

The new season features plenty of drama and international destinations.

Lindsay Hattrick/Elite Daily; Netflix; Pawel Libera/DeAgostini/Getty Images

If you’ve been hooked on The Crown for the past few years, you’re probably on the edge of your seat waiting for season five to drop on Netflix on Wednesday, Nov. 9. There’s sure to be plenty of drama and historic moments, plus spectacular filming locations that mimic the real lives of the British royals. If you’re wondering, where was The Crown Season 5 filmed, here are all the international filming destinations you can visit for a taste of the royal treatment.

Every season, Netflix depicts new settings as the stories unfold. The trailer for The Crown Season 5, which dropped on Oct. 20, promises shots of Windsor Castle up in flames, plus tons of family tension when Princess Diana shakes things up during the 1990s. Plus, Imelda Staunton takes her first reigning season as the Queen in The Crown’s first season to be released since the passings of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II. For its fifth season, The Crown filmed in the United Kingdom and Spain for stunning backdrops that immerse you into the world of the British monarchy. Here’s which The Crown filming locations you should add to your travel bucket list for a real-life tour of season five set.

Where Was The Crown Season 5 Filmed?

Knebworth House, England
Old Knebworth Lane, Old Knebworth, Knebworth, SG2 8DT, United Kingdom

The Knebworth House in Hertfordshire, England serves as the interiors for the Queen’s Scottish residence of Balmoral in The Crown Season 5. Movie buffs might recognize the stately manor, which also starred as a gothic home in Batman The Movie and in The King’s Speech.