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Your August 2023 Horoscope Is So Extra For Every Zodiac Sign

Two full moons plus one Mercury retrograde equals a bittt much.

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Soaking up all the newfound attention Leo season’s blessed you with? Good, because August’s astrology has a much different vibe in store. While you’ll still be feeling eager to strut your stuff as Venus continues to retrograde through this fixed fire sign, the sun will be shifting into the practical, detail-oriented sign of Virgo this month — and Mercury, Virgo’s ruling planet, will be joining the retrograde party. Despite the fact that retrogrades tend to turn things upside down, your August 2023 horoscope is occupying you with plenty of to-do lists and problems that are in need of checking off. It may sound a bit stressful, but you’ll feel a massive weight lifted once the work is finally done.

Important Astrological Dates In August 2023

  • Aug. 1: Full moon in Aquarius
  • Aug. 16: New moon in Leo
  • Aug. 23: Virgo season begins
  • Aug. 23: Mercury stations retrograde
  • Aug. 30: Full moon in Pisces

August 2023 Astrological Overview

This month begins and ends with full moons, which is something that only takes place once every two to three years. The first full moon will light up the sky on Aug. 1, in the fixed air sign of Aquarius. This lunation will illuminate the desire to stand out for your unique concepts and ideas, and is about embracing what makes you different from others (even if it’s the very thing that makes you feel alienated from your peers). Leo season has placed a lot of emphasis on the need for attention, but on this day, you’ll be far less concerned with external validation. Instead, you’ll prefer to be recognized for your ability to innovate and revamp anything that limits or restricts authenticity, regardless of how unconventional it may seem.

You’ll be back to feeling proud and confident in your abilities on Aug. 16, as the sun and moon conjoin in the expressive, vibrant sign of Leo. Expect new chapters to unfold on this day centered around your gifts, talents, and the desire to share them with the world. This lunation is a reminder to advocate for your abilities, despite who does or doesn’t acknowledge your accomplishments. While praise and adornment from the outside world is always gratifying, you’ll feel most rewarded by simply doing things today that you are proud of, no matter how big or small. This day will be all about loving yourself in big ways, so feel free to be as dramatic and over the top as you’d like. It’s important to be your own biggest fan.

The sun shifts into the productive sign of Virgo on Aug. 23, shifting the collective energy towards logic, efficiency, and communication. During this season, you’ll be focused mainly on accurate information, as well as improving or repairing things that are malfunctioning or in need of assistance. The Virgo-ruled house in your birth chart is where you’ll feel motivated to make some enhancements, as well as collect detailed and useful insight. The same day, Mercury, the planet that rules Virgo, will station retrograde in this sign, marking a three-week period of review and re-assessment in this area. From then until Sept. 15, plans may be delayed, communication may be faulty or inconsistent, and you may have to make adjustments or corrections to any inaccuracies. Since Virgo is a sign all about the particulars, you may find yourself working on things that have many different moving parts. It’s safe to say that your critical thinking skills will be getting plenty of love this season.

The month ends with a rare blue moon on Aug. 30 (aka the second full moon of the month) in the idealistic, expansive sign of Pisces. On this day, you’ll be encouraged to envision the bigger picture, outside of all the Virgo meticulousness. It’s a day when you’ll be inspired to dream big, even if it seems unrealistic. It will feel like anything is possible today, specifically in the Pisces-ruled house of your birth chart. Just be mindful of potential deceptions, because this energy has the ability to cloud your judgement. Try to engage in activities that require plenty of creativity or imagination, while allowing the Virgo season energy to keep you organized and on track. The sky is the limit.

Here’s what each zodiac sign can expect from August’s astrology:

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August 2023 Horoscope By Zodiac Sign

Aries August 2023 Horoscope (March 21 - April 19)

Your month begins on a social note, Aries, as the Aquarius full moon dazzles your 11th house of friends and community. You’re always someone who stands out from the crowd, and on this day, you’ll be acknowledged for the distinctive energy you bring to your social circles. Try and spend today surrounded by like-minded individuals that can appreciate your desire to blaze your own trail. Although you’re someone who’s very comfortable flying solo, today you’ll be encouraged to network and socialize.

You’ll be feeling particularly inspired on Aug. 16, as the new moon in Leo unfolds. You’ll be called to showcase your talents and creative pursuits today, so feel free to put them out there. As a fellow fire sign, you’re never afraid to show off — and on this day, you’ll be feeling even more confident than usual. If you’ve been hesitant to pursue a bold new endeavor, today’s the perfect day to take action. Self-expression will come easy now, and it won’t take much to execute anything that requires personal awareness.

Your attention shifts to your habits and routines on Aug. 23, as the sun shifts into Virgo. This season, you’ll be made aware of the practices you engage in regularly, and whether or not you’re satisfied with how you’re spending your time. Since Mercury will be stationing retrograde here the same day, you be getting re-organized and potentially making some changes to how you care for your physical body.

As the month ends, the Pisces full moon on Aug. 30 will illuminate your need for withdrawal and isolation. You’ll be called to recharge your batteries today through daydreaming and envisioning future hopes and dreams. Today won’t be a day of physical labor, but more a time for letting your imagination run wild behind closed doors. Try to do some journaling, or any activities that serve as a cathartic creative outlet.

Taurus August 2023 Horoscope (April 19 - May 21)

You’ll be concerned with current career developments on Aug. 1, as the Aquarius full moon unfolds. Now is a fortunate time for showcasing any unique ideas or perspectives you’ve been eager to share with the world, Taurus, because all eyes are bound to be on your professional endeavors today. It’s a good day for bringing awareness to any cause or belief that you have, that you think others should be made aware of. This full moon moon could also signify a job change, or even a promotion of some kind.

On Aug. 16, the Leo new moon brings new beginnings to your home and family life, centering your desire to make your current residence stand out and sparkle. This could signify a period of redecoration for your home, or a family gathering. You’re rarely a fan of boisterous displays, but when it comes to your household, it’s important for you to live in an environment full of life. Don’t hesitate to make a little noise — you are at home, after all.

The sun shifts into Virgo on Aug. 23, illuminating your desire for fun, pleasure, and creative expression. During this season, you’ll be reminded of how important it is to make time for fun and self-enjoyment. However, as Mercury stations retrograde in Virgo the same day, you’ll be reconsidering the ways you choose to let your hair down. As someone who’s already selective about the kinds of activities you engage in, this retrograde will allow you to switch up the vibes here. Maybe you’re falling in love with a new musician, or dating someone that’s not your usual type. Try not to be overly critical about your desire to let loose now — you deserve some down time.

By Aug. 30, you’ll be feeling eager to socialize, as the Pisces full moon unfolds in your 11th house of friendships and alliances. This full moon is illuminating the dreams and ideals you have for your community, and may also signify a time where you’re meeting people that align with these wishes. Feel free to mingle, and surround yourself with creative-minded people that share your desire to form genuine, supportive relationships.

Gemini August 2023 Horoscope (May 21 - June 22)

The full moon in Aquarius will inspire you to think outside the box on Aug. 1, as the lunation lights up your ninth house of knowledge, wisdom, and travel. On this day, you’ll be motivated to share your unique thoughts, beliefs, and ideas with the world around you. You may also find yourself challenging other people’s outdated traditions, making this a day where debates and discussions are incredibly likely. Go ahead and share your unpopular opinions with people today, Gemini. You may end up teaching someone something important, or even learning about something you haven’t yet discovered.

The Leo new moon on Aug. 16 brings expressive, confident new ideas and perspectives into your world that you’ll be feeling eager to discuss with your peers. You’re used to being known for your spirited opinions, but on this particular day, you’ll be eager to discuss topics that validate and assure your identity and self-expression. So much so, that it’s important have these conversations with people who don’t only listen to you, but value your opinions, as well.

The sun shifts into the detail-oriented sign of Virgo on Aug. 23, illuminating your desire for organization and structure in your home and family life. During this season, you’ll be feeling more concerned with your domestic world, and more specifically, how you can make it better. You may find yourself taking painting your bedroom, or cleaning out your fridge — anything that allows you to be useful behind closed doors. Since Mercury (aka your chart ruler) is also stationing retrograde in Virgo today, you’ll be fully concerned with matters of your environment from now until Sept. 15. Try not to worry about tasks you haven’t gotten to yet, Gemini — with your chart ruler retrograde, things are bound to take a little more time.

The month ends as the Pisces full moon lights up the sky on Aug. 30. You’ll be envisioning the endless possibilities that your career can offer now, and considering how you can actualize some of these endeavors. This full moon could coincide with a career shift, or a revelation about where your profession is taking you. The accomplishments that may have seemed far-fetched seem more possible now, so be sure to shoot for the stars.

Cancer August 2023 Horoscope (June 22 - July 20)

Your shared resources, debts, and private affairs will be illuminated on Aug. 1, as the Aquarius full moon unfolds in your eighth house. This is a time for taking a closer look at your finances, specifically what you owe to others, or vice versa. This could also pertain to energetic exchanges, Cancer — something you’re highly sensitive to. Since the moon (aka your chart ruler) will be in a Saturn-ruled sign today, you’re bound to feel more emotionally detached than usual. Fortunately, this will allow you to make and major decisions without feeling too emotionally overwhelmed.

On Aug. 16, the sun and moon will conjoin in Leo, marking the start of a new chapter when it comes to your personal resources, assets, and values. You may be making an important purchase today, or finding a newfound sense of pride in something that you own. You’ll be more inclined to flaunt the fruits of your labor now, and while treating yourself is well-deserved, try not to go overboard. Since Venus is still retrograde in this sign, this may not be the time to make hasty decisions with your money.

Virgo season begins on Aug. 23, and illuminates your current thoughts, ideas, and perspectives. You’re someone always eager to collect new data and information, and this season is particularly fortunate for hitting the books and learning a new skill. And, since Mercury will be stationing retrograde here the same day, you’ may be invited to re-visit a previous study or interest. This may also be a time where travel or transportation becomes more of a focus, so if you own a car, you may find that it’s time for some maintenance.

The month comes to a close as the Pisces full moon lights up your ninth house of knowledge and wisdom. Now is the time to consider how your personal philosophies have been inspiring you to dream bigger, despite some of the nitty gritty details being unclear. It’s an ideal time for connecting with a spiritual belief that liberates you, even if it goes against rational perspectives.

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Leo August 2023 Horoscope (July 20 - Aug. 21)

Your romantic relationships and partnerships will be a main priority on Aug. 1, as the Aquarius full moon illuminates the sky. On this day, you may find yourself innovating or liberating your relationships with others. While you enjoy maintaining close bonds, it’s important that your sense of individuality remains intact. If you’ve been relying too heavily on external validation or support, now may be a time to consider how you can adjust these boundaries.

The Aug. 16 full moon in your first house of self thrusts you into the spotlight, and marks a period of self-renewal. Today is all about you, Leo, so feel free to express yourself as boldly as you know how. Focus on the big plans you have for yourself, and the ways you can continue to showcase your gifts and talents with the world around you.

Things take a practical shift as the sun shifts into the methodical sign of Virgo on Aug. 23. This season, your desire for organization and refinement in your finances will be illuminated, making this a fortunate time for assessing your current budget and spending habits. However, since Mercury will be stationing retrograde in this sign on the same day, you may be more inclined to contemplate how you can improve this area of your life before making any concrete changes. Things may feel unorganized here for a bit, but once Mercury stations direct, you’ll be met with plenty of clarity.

The month closes out with a Pisces full moon on Aug. 30, shedding light on your boundaries and obligations shared with others. This may be a time to close a joint account, or pay off a debt that’s been looming over you. You may also be considering the possibilities of a potential financial opportunity that seems promising. It’s time to not only have faith in yourself, but in others, now, and you’re bound to put this trust to the test today.

Virgo August 2023 Horoscope (Aug. 21 - Sept. 22)

You’ll be looking into your current habits and routines as the month begins, and the Aquarius full moon takes place on Aug. 1. You’re someone who appreciates ritual, and on this day, you’ll be considering how you can potentially innovate or reconfigure this area of your life. Who says routine has to be monotonous? You feel your best when you’re forced to think outside the box on a regular basis, and today’s a fortunate time for directing this energy to your health, wellness, and daily practices.

The Leo full moon on Aug. 16 is rolling out expressive new beginnings behind the scenes, inviting you to reconnect with your confidence in private. While you’re not a huge fan of grand displays of ego, a strong sense of self-worth is still essential for you, Virgo. Even if you’re not comfortable strutting your stuff publicly, it’s important that you give yourself the credit you deserve – and this month’s new moon is the time to show up and out for yourself, even if no one else sees.

Your season begins on Aug. 23, as the sun shifts into your first house, illuminating your desire for information, structure, and rationality. You’re someone who enjoys maintaining a long list of to-dos, and this month promises to spotlight your ability at juggling tasks and obligations. So much so, that as Mercury (aka your chart ruler) stations retrograde, you’ll be taking a second look at some of the obligations that are currently on your plate, while attempting to problem solve to the best of your ability. While you’re a great multitasker, be mindful of spreading yourself too thin, Virgo. You can’t be everywhere at once.

The full moon in Pisces ends the month on Aug. 30, illuminating the status of your current relationships and partnerships. You’re a pretty practical person, but when it comes to your dynamics with others, you’re a total romantic. On this day, you’ll be envisioning the possibilities of a current or future relationship. While this lunation may prompt you to be more irrational than usual, it’s bound to be refreshing — so be sure to allow yourself to be a little delusional. Trust me, it’s good for you.

Libra August 2023 Horoscope (Sept. 22 - Oct. 21)

As the month begins, the Aquarius full moon brings your desire for unique creative and pleasure-focused activities to the forefront. You love re-vamping the ways you enjoy yourself, and as this lunation unfolds, you’ll be eager to experiment. Lean in to a hobby that pushes you out of your comfort zone, or spend time with someone who inspires you. This lunation could also represent a pivotal a-ha moment that highlights your desire for true, liberated enjoyment.

The Leo new moon on Aug. 16 invites fresh starts into your social world, placing you front and center amongst your peers. As a social butterfly, you’re bound to feel confident and comfortable mingling with others today, and possibly even forming new alliances. You’re proud of the community you’ve created, and now is a time to acknowledge the love you bring into the lives of others, simply by being you. So, be sure to surround yourself with people that appreciate you in return – you’ll want nothing but genuine support around you now.

You’ll be pulled into a period of introspection on Aug. 23, as the sun shifts into Virgo. This season is an opportunity to internally process and self-analyze behind closed doors. While this may not be the most social season for you, you’re taking a closer look at your behaviors and practices behind closed doors to ensure that they’re useful and productive. However, as Mercury stations retrograde here the same day, you’ll be making adjustments to your habits, mindsets, and tendencies.

The Pisces full moon on Aug. 30 prioritizes your need for fluidity in your daily routines and rituals. It’s important that your habitual practices leave room for ebb and flow, and now’s the time to consider what your most picturesque regime could look like. While structure here can be useful, it’s important that your obligations don’t restrict your creativity.

Scorpio August 2023 Horoscope (Oct. 21 - Nov. 22)

You’ll be revolutionizing your home and natural habitat on Aug. 1, as the Aquarius full moon unfolds. Although you’re someone who tends to move with caution, you’ll be considering the ways you can incorporate more freedom into your private world as the full moon takes place today. You may not be ready to make any major changes yet, Scorpio, but contemplating the ways you can create a more authentic, innovative world for yourself behind closed doors will be the main focus.

On Aug. 16, the Leo new moon will allow for vibrant new opportunities in your career and professional life to occur. Typically, you’re someone who steers clear of being in the spotlight, but today, you’ll be inspired to take the lead in your current work endeavors. Your gifts and talents deserve to be acknowledge, and today is when they’re most likely to shine.

The sun shifts into the mutable, earth sign of Virgo Aug. 23, amplifying your social life. You’ll be actively seeking ways to be of service to your community during this period, highlighting the ways you can help and support those in need. However, as Mercury stations retrograde simultaneously, the ways you counsel or advise others may be uncertain over the next few weeks. Be sure to fact-check any information you’re sharing now, as it’s more likely to be inexact.

The month ends on a creative note for you, as the Pisces full moon illuminates your desire for transparency and movement in your creative pursuits and passions on Aug. 30. Your imagination will be running at an all-time high today, making it a fortunate time for visualizing the possibilities of what you can actualize creatively. You may also be reaching a pivotal moment in a romantic affair, or closing a chapter when it comes to a art hobby or project. Whatever occupies you is bound to leave you feeling inspired.

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Sagittarius August Horoscope (Nov. 22 - Dec. 19)

The Aquarius full moon on Aug. 1 is magnifying your innovative ideas and thoughts, encouraging you to share them openly in conversations with others. You’ve always been eager to enlighten others with information, and today’s the perfect time for inspiring people with your hot takes and perspectives. You may also be motivated to learn a new skill or study today, particularly those that allow you to think freely.

On Aug. 16, you’ll be embracing new ideals and belief systems that feel supportive and affirming to your identity and sense of self as the Leo new moon happens. It’s essential that your personal philosophy includes confidence and radical self-acceptance, and this new moon is the time to embark on a fresh journey. This could mean taking an actual trip, or signing yourself for a new course or class. Whatever you do, you’ll be looking for ways to broaden your perspectives in a way that centralizes your authenticity.

The sun shifts into the informed sign of Virgo on Aug. 23, placing a spotlight on your vocation and career endeavors. You’re avidly productive and useful at work, and this season, you’ll be feeling even more eager to tackle any tasks or responsibilities that come your way. Since Mercury will also be stationing retrograde on this day, you’ll be briefly re-considering how you manage your duties in this area. Be mindful of sharing any advice or information publicly now, as it may be more subject to change.

As the month winds down, the Pisces full moon on Aug. 30 brings idealism to the forefront in your home and family life. You’re a natural visionary, Sagittarius, but when it comes to your private life, you like it to feel like a peaceful oasis. Today’s lunation is bringing these desires into sharp focus, prompting you to consider how you can actualize your wildest dreams in your home and natural environment.

Capricorn August Horoscope (Dec. 19 - Jan. 20)

Your money and resources will be a main priority this month, as the Aquarius full moon takes place on Aug. 1. While you tend to approach many things conventionally, you like to manage your finances in a way that’s advanced and innovative – and this full moon is a good time to think outside the box in this area. While you may not be making any major changes just yet, you’re considering the ways you can revolutionize your assets in a way that feels authentic to you.

The Leo new moon on Aug. 16 brings buoyant new beginnings forward in your shared resources, debts, and obligations. You may be securing a new asset now, or going half on a financial responsibility with a romantic partner. Overall, it’s a fortunate time for taking on a new commitment, such as a new savings plan or retirement fund. As a highly diligent individual, you’ll be feeling proud of your ability to advance your finances now, and rightfully so. It’s safe to say you’ve earned some bragging rights!

On Aug. 23, the sun shifts into the logical, well-informed sign of Virgo, highlighting your desire for enlightenment, wisdom, and truth. While you’re always actively gathering information, this season is inviting you to expand your mind past your typical perspectives. And, as Mercury stations retrograde today, you’ll be revising the ways you secure and organize your current philosophies.

The Pisces full moon on Aug. 30 encourages you to lean into your imagination, and express your thoughts, opinions, and ideas within your immediate environment. You’ve always been a visionary, but today you’ll be feeling unusually hopeful for what you have yet to learn and understand about the world. Get curious, and allow your imagination to guide you. Inspiration will be all around you today.

Aquarius August Horoscope (Jan. 20 - Feb. 19)

The month begins on a personal note, as the full moon unfolds in your sign on Aug. 1. Today, you’ll be called to acknowledge your need to blaze your own trail. While this can sometimes be a lonely journey, you’d much rather be true to yourself than follow the crowd, and today’s an opportunity to veer off into your own lane. While you’re rarely interested in ego-driven pursuits, make this full moon about you, your current thoughts, and personal truths. Being true to yourself can be isolating, but it’s always rewarding.

The Leo new moon on Aug. 16 brings a renewed sense of confidence to your romantic relationships and partnerships. You’re not often interested in loud displays of affection, but today, the acknowledgement you’re getting from your partnerships is bound to feel affirming. You may also be embarking on a new relationship now, or simply socializing in new ways. It’s a good time to consider how you need to feel seen by the people around you.

On Aug. 23 the sun shifts into the meticulous sign of Virgo, highlighting your current responsibilities and obligations. Whether they be financial or emotional, this season is prompting you to get your affairs in order in a way that makes sense. This may also be a time to reconfigure your boundaries with others, especially as Mercury stations retrograde the same day. This may be a time for serious or “difficult” conversations, so be mindful of the information being shared with you, and vice versa – important details may get lost in translation now.

The Pisces full moon on Aug. 30 brings emphasis to your current finances and personal resources. You’ll be considering the possibilities that your assets can offer you now, and may find yourself imagining the ways you can make the most of what you currently have. While certain particulars may still be up in the air, this is a good time for dreaming up new ways of enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Pisces August Horoscope (Feb. 20 - March 20)

You’ll be focusing on the ways you recharge your batteries on Aug. 1, as the Aquarius full moon unfolds in your 12th house. Now is a time to lay low, but this doesn’t mean you’ll be sleeping the day away. In fact, you may be feeling mentally energetic today, making this a fortunate time for journaling, reading, or research. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll be feeling eager to share your current ideas with the outside world just yet. So, be sure to allow yourself plenty of space for contemplation and introspection in the comfort of your own bubble now. The world can wait to hear your revelations.

On Aug. 16, the Leo new moon invites you to revamp your current habits and routines. It’s important that your schedule allows for pleasure and personal fulfillment, and today’s a fortunate time for jazzing up your rituals. Take your time getting ready today, or stop by your favorite coffee shop for your favorite latte – anything that brings you joy in the smallest of ways. Who says errands have to be boring?

The sun shifts into Virgo on Aug. 23, shifting your focus to your romantic relationships and partnerships. You’ll be more inclined to be of service to those in need now, and may be relied on by the people in your life a little heavier than usual – especially since Mercury will be stationing retrograde in this sign the same day. The people around you are bound to be all ears now, so be aware of the information you give them. With Mercury retrograde, there will be more room for misunderstandings.

The Pisces full moon on Aug. 30 is not only your time to shine, but it’s illuminating the current dreams and aspirations you have for yourself. This is your moment to think big, after a period of prioritizing logic over imagination. Where do you see yourself in one year? It’s not far-fetched to believe that you’ll actualize what you’ve been envisioning. The world has always been your oyster, so be sure to allow today’s full moon to remind you what you’re capable of.