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Your 11th House In Astrology Says *A Lot* About Your Friendships

It’s basically how you relate to other people.

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Astrology has a lot to say about your romantic partners and your family, but what about friends? Why do you seem to buddy up with certain types of people but not others? For all the tea on your friendships and community, say hello to the 11th house in astrology.

What makes the houses so important? According to traditional Hellenistic astrologer Dalanah of the Moon Matters podcast, the 12 houses are one of the four chief components of astrology — along with the zodiac signs, planets, and aspects. “If planets are the subject matter, and zodiac signs are sort of the flavor, then the house is where it's happening,” she previously told Elite Daily.

For example, say you have your moon sign in Taurus. That tells you that your emotional world is expressed with a Taurean nature, but where is this energy playing out? If it’s in the 11th house, your earthy inner emotions are deeply woven into your friendships, network, and community.

According to astrologers, the first six houses represent the more personal areas of life, while the last six regard topics of “the other” and things beyond yourself. The 11th house is about how you fit in with those around you and can even describe your sense of belonging. Here is everything astrologers want you to know about the house of friendship, community, and good spirit.

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How Do You Know Your 11th House In Astrology?

If you have an accurate birth time along with your birthday and location, finding your 11th house is easy. Simply type your information into an online birth chart calculator like, and it’ll reveal your entire cosmic map. When you find your 11th house in your birth chart, you’ll want to take note of which sign it’s sitting on, as well as any planets residing there.

Sounds simple, right? Well, it’s astrology, so it’s never quite that simple. Before you compute your natal chart, you’ll need to choose (or at least note) the housing system. These are different formulas used to calculate where each house falls in with the zodiac signs. Your first house will be the same regardless of the system you choose, but there may be some nuance with the subsequent houses.

Your chart calculator is likely preset to use either Whole Sign or Placidus, the two most common housing systems. Neither is right or wrong, but you’ll need to be aware of which is utilized each time you pull your chart, or else you could end up with varied houses and no clue why. For those born at extreme latitudes, just know that Placidus tends to yield some messy charts.

What Is The 11th House In Astrology?

With labels like “the house of good spirit,” “the house of friendships,” and “the house of hopes, dreams, and wishes,” it’s easy to see why Dalanah calls the 11th house a great place to be. “This is a fun house [and] Jupiter has its joy here,” she tells Elite Daily. “It’s all about friends, groups, alliances, [and] different organizations — it’s your attitude toward friends and social situations,” she explains. “It’s also fan bases and your audience and how they see you,”

The 11th house in astrology is not only where your best friends, acquaintances, network, and collective community live, but it’s also the house ruling over everything futuristic, humanitarian, and technological. “It’s pretty much anything that drives humanity forward in the world,” offers professional astrologer Taryn Bond. “Because it’s so futuristic,” she adds, “it does rule over things like the internet, space flight, and cutting-edge scientific inventions.”

There are several lessons the 11th house can teach you once you understand what’s happening there in terms of the zodiac sign, planets, and aspects. For one, the 11th house will explain how your chart wants you to make waves in the world, but it also details your relationship with hope and optimism. Bond suggests examining this placement whenever you feel like you’re in a rut.

One of the biggest indications of the 11th house, of course, is friendships. “If you study your 11th house,” Bond explains, “you’re going to see how you relate to your friend groups.” For example, if your 11th house is in the sign of Virgo, you’re probably more selective about who you make friends with than a Sagittarius 11th house. This may also indicate that you make a lot of friends with Virgo placement people.

Planets in the 11th house add another layer of description about your friendships and community. “11th house planets could show someone who feels different or strange, especially early in their life,” Bond explains. But it could also go the other way and indicate “a very classically popular person who has a ton of friends,” notes Bond. “It depends on the qualities of the planet.”

Jupiter here, for example, would make socializing a breeze. You might be able to garner a massive following without too much effort, and you probably make friends easily. However, if it’s a less auspicious planet like Saturn present, fitting in might feel like a challenge. You might feel lonely and ahead of your time earlier in life, and it could take a while before you find “your people.”

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Which Sign Rules The 11th House?

According to some branches of astrology, the signs each rule over a corresponding house in zodiac order. As the 11th sign in the natural zodiac, Aquarius is said to govern and share traits with the 11th house. However, it’s important to note that not all astrological schools of thought are quick to subscribe to this idea. As Dalanah previously told Elite Daily, traditional Hellenistic astrology does not teach the houses this way, as it can “water down both the signs and the houses.”

But in many modern approaches and in Vedic astrology, linking up the signs and houses can be an easy way to learn. If you’re familiar with the traits of Aquarius, the 11th house probably already sounds a bit reminiscent of the Water Bearer. According to Bond, people with heavy 11th house placements can be “super Aquarian because these people often have genius ideas but can be treated as outcasts.” Aquarius also shares themes of friendship, community, technology, humanitarianism, science, and the internet.

In Vedic astrology, an ancient Hindu practice, each element and corresponding sign and house are energetically linked to one of four Hindu goals of life. According to Camila R. Quintero, LCSW, a licensed psychotherapist and professional Vedic astrologer, the third goal of life, Kama, relates to the air signs and air-ruled houses. “The air houses are the Kama houses, which represent our desires in this lifetime — what we like, how we have fun, [and] what we desire,” Quintero tells Elite Daily. “These are represented by houses three, seven, and 11, so Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius,” she adds. “The 11th house deals with Aquarius, which relates to our gains, our friendships, institutions, and giving back to the world.”

Transits To The 11th House

When planets move through the signs, they highlight the different houses within a person’s birth chart — otherwise known as transits. If a planet is passing through your 11th house, you can expect a focus or a shift of energy in this area of your life.

According to Bond, 11th house transits bring “increased connectivity, companionship, professional visibility, or an increase in your status or position ... things just get bigger.” You might be networking a lot more during these transits, whether in person or on social media. “You actually have a higher likelihood of going viral during this time,” adds Bond. As the house of inspiration, you could also experience a revelation in what you previously thought possible in life.

Dalanah notes that it really depends how you’re using your 11th house. “If you are someone who is really big into or works in social media, then look at it from that perspective,” she offers. Otherwise, you’ll look for happenings with your friends and social groups. Whatever it may be, 11th house transits will put a spotlight on your community. “If you’re an online gamer, it could be your online game community,” says Dalanah. “Any group or community that you are a part of, you’re going to want to check that out — and also your close friendships.”

The exact nature of any transit will vary by planet, so it’s important to learn what each planet means for an accurate prediction. For example, a Saturn 11th house transit would probably look a lot different than if it were Jupiter. “Saturn being the planet of solitude could make it a lonely time,” notes Bond, adding that this planet may also prompt a promotion to a more Saturnian position within your professional network. With a planet like Jupiter that’s all about expansion, going viral or experiencing a sudden spike in popularity would be more likely.

According to astrologers, some houses are just more fun all-around — and the 11th house is one of them. This is the place that connects you to your surroundings and encourages societal progress and unity. Trying to inspire and change the world? The 11th house will show you how.


Taryn Bond, professional tropical astrologer practicing synthesis of evolutionary, modern, traditional, and intuitive techniques rooted in a humanistic, soul-based astrological approach

Dalanah, professional Hellenistic astrologer and host of Moon Matters astrology podcast

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