These Are The Zodiac Signs' Mental Ages

You might know the characteristics or traits associated with your zodiac sign, but not a lot of people know each sign is symbolized by a different body part, day of the week and even life stage.

No two signs are at the same stage in life, even if they are close in age.

Since I'm a Pisces and the oldest sign in the zodiac, I'm going to take explaining this one step at a time so I don't break a hip.

This is how old you are spiritually, according to your zodiac sign:

Aries: 1-7

Aries are literally the zodiac's children. They live like they are doing everything for the first time, like people in commercials, going, "WOW! A MOP! I'VE NEVER MOPPED BEFORE!"

Part of their life lesson is to learn how to take these first steps by screwing it all up and finding out what their physical limitations are.

They view the world with wonder and awe and are uniquely innocent as well as naive, impulsive and selfish.

Taurus: 7-14

Taurus is symbolized by the life stage between childhood and young adolescence.

They are beginning to control their physical environment and are learning the difference between what belongs to them and what belongs to others.

Part of their life path is just about learning how to share, which is difficult for them.

They spend a lot of their time accumulating things and grow increasingly attached to their possessions.

Some Taureans biggest fears surround the loss of their money or the failure to make more of it, which lasts long into their life.

Gemini: 14-21

Gemini represent the age group 14 to 21, adolescence reaching into young adulthood.

Like this period of life, the Gemini has an instinctual need to integrate themselves into a social structure and to break free from restrictions.

Also, like crazy, hormonal adolescents, Geminis are forever impulsively changing their persona with their style of dress, their hairstyle or any other way that they express their individuality.

Cancer: 21-28

Cancer represents the age group 21 to 28. They are the young adults of the zodiac, trying to create a sense of security in their home, career and interpersonal relationships.

Much like the theme in the life of a young adult, Cancers have a need for loyal, emotional friendships until they've established a home base for themselves.

They are, like young adults, venturing away from their family of origin and learning to leave behind the ways in which they've conformed to their familial expectations.

Leo: 28-35

Leo represent the age group 28 to 35. They are the mature adult who has dropped the mask they took on in childhood, and they are no longer hiding who they truly are.

Leos have a "TAKE ME OR LEAVE ME" attitude as they express their true identities and force on the world.

In this life stage, and in the personality of a Leo, one's ability to value and express their individual self is truly developed, as is their willingness to truly operate on their own terms and in their own way.

Virgo: 35-42

Virgo is taken to represent the period of life between 35 and 42, when you establish oneself as a mature adult steadily making their way in the world.

Virgos are all about showing up for others and carrying out day-to-day activities in their career and around the home.

They look out for those who depend on them by judging and solving problems in a responsible way.

Mature adulthood is the age when people learn to become more discerning about whom they open up to and learn to practice some restraint.

Libra: 42-49

Libra is the mature adult passing through the midway of life.

Having fully developed their individual selves, they function best within a partnership. Their personalities function extremely well as part of a duo.

This is why so many Libras do not know how to function alone.

It's part of their life purpose to meld with someone else, to create harmony with another and to function in that role.

Scorpio: 49-56

Scorpio is the age of a true midlife crisis, and those with this Sun sign will know what I'm talking about.

They are grasping to achieve their fullest power and potential as the fear of death looms over them. The themes present in their lives are death, inheritance, rebirth, offspring and sexuality.

Many Scorpios are turned on by unprotected sex, not only for the sensual aspect, but because it allows them to get in tune with their animal instinct: to have sex for the purpose of procreation.

They are working toward being a dominant force in the world by creating their own family. If they don't express this drive through family, they do it in their careers.

Sagittarius: 56-63

Sagittarius represent the age group 56 to 63, the age when people have the capacity to move away from social norms, conformity and career responsibilities in search of their own personal and universal concerns.

During this phase of evolution, a person begins to feel empowered as they become independent from their family and devote their energy to universal problems.

This will also bring about valuable life lessons of manifestation, positive thinking and creating their own reality.

Capricorn: 63-70

Representing the age period of 63 to 70, Capricorn is here to build structural support and security.

However, this age period also symbolizes a hardening of ideas and thoughts.

During this phase of evolution, a person will work hard to build things that last. There is a sense of fatefulness to the Capricorn's life and their responsibilities and to their ancestry.

They are logical climbers who may sensibly stop once in a while to recharge and enjoy life, but ultimately, they're here to reach their highest potential and are characterized by ambition and drive.

Aquarius: 70-77

Representing the age period of 70 to 77, the Aquarius is all about humanitarianism and elevating social consciousness.

Having almost reached the end of their souls' life cycle, the Aquarius returns to a childlike outlook that is grounded in experience and wisdom.

This sign operates from logic and intelligence, which allows them to remain impartial and detached.

However, being the evolutionary stage between Capricorn and Pisces, the Aquarius' character combines aspiring, earthy and pragmatic energy with watery and other worldly energies. This gives Aquarius an erratic nature.

Their path is to stay the course and combine these energies to their best advantage in order to serve mankind.

Pisces: 77-84

Representing the age period of 77 to 84, Pisces is the ultimate and last zodiac sign.

They're here to merge the human soul with the universe, and they teach us to let go of our earthborn form, as death is only rebirth of new life.

During this phase of evolution, a person will begin to let go of earthly attachments, bringing about the valuable life lesson of bestowing their dreams and creative vision to humanity.