TXT's New Album Isn't The End Of An Era, Because Their Message Is Timeless

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From the moment TXT debuted in March 2019, fans have watched Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Hueningkai grow from teenagers to young adults and from rookies to music pros. Their first two albums represented different stages of that journey. The Dream Chapter: Star was about growing from youth to adolescence and meeting your special someone, and then The Dream Chapter: Magic focused on the magic one experiences with their friends. TXT's latest is the final record in the trilogy, but fans shouldn't view TXT's Dream Chapter: Eternity as the end of the era, because its themes are timeless.

Using metaphors like a "crown," "magic island," and "monsters," TXT brilliantly weaved relatable themes like loneliness, escapism, and transformation into their first two albums, and that continues into Eternity, which dropped on May 18. Their lead single "Can't You See Me?" continues TXT's overarching story of growth, but it sees them facing their biggest demons alone, with lyrics like: "Can't you see me just like that magical day?/ Say believe me/ Can't you see me?/ Friends don't understand me anymore."

The guys hope addressing difficult topics youth experience will bring fans comfort. "This album is about teenagers who run into the reality that faces them," Hueningkai tells Elite Daily. "Everybody goes through adolescence and there are growth pains for everyone. But once we get through it, we’ll be with a grown and more refined version of ourselves," Beomgyu adds.

Like the album's title implies, the lessons learned during TXT's teenage years are timeless. "We might not call our next album The Dream Chapter, but it is, in a sense, a story that we will be continuing," Soobin says. "Rather than thinking of it as an end, we hope our fans can be excited for what will continue on next. We’re excited for new music, new albums, new chapters to bring you in the future."

Eternity explores a crack in the magical world of youth and adolescence — a sign the members are growing up and discovering the real world. Much like their label-mates BTS, TXT is learning more every day about the ups and downs of worldwide superstardom.

"As trainees, we were always just very eager to meet audiences, perform for them, and show them our music. We still are, of course, but once we did make our debut, it was as though we were thrown into a new world. Everything felt really new and it wasn’t always easy. But the past year has definitely made us stronger and more responsible," TXT says.

Through every challenge, TXT strives to be good role models for their fans. "I learned that my words and actions have an impact on others. I’ve become more cautious and thoughtful as a person because I know that there are some people out there who consider me an example," Soobin explains.

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Despite only being in their second year as a group, TXT has already accomplished what other groups hope to achieve by the time they take their final bow. Most notably, TXT took home the "Rookie of the Year" award at all five major Korean award shows in 2019, winning 10 rookie awards in total. "Naturally, I was proud of myself, because it isn’t an easy feat," Yeonjun says. The group admits achieving so much so early comes with pressure, but they channel it into something positive. "From now on, regardless of pressure, I want to enjoy myself and continue to step forward and realize more dreams one by one."

For this reason, TXT doesn't restrict themselves to a specific music genre. They challenge themselves by covering their favorite artists' songs, like Shawn Mendes' "In My Blood" and Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next." "Covers are a great way of practice, because I get to listen to and attempt various musical expressions," Taehyun explains. Fans can hear a variety of genres on Eternity, like Brit-pop, alternative R&B, trap, funk, and indie-pop.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, TXT is unable to perform in front of fans as they normally would, but that's only made them more committed to keep in touch with them through social media. "Physical distance doesn’t equate to emotional distance," Soobin says. "[Fans are] our motivation. They are the reason we practice so hard and do our best on and off stage," Beomgyu adds.

Just as fans inspire TXT, Yeonjun hopes fans feel the same way when they listen to their songs. "What I hope for is that somebody can be comforted and reassured by listening to our music."

Fans can listen to The Dream Chapter: Eternity on all major streaming services now.

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