TXT's Rookie Of The Year Acceptance Speech At The MGMAs Will Make You Emotional

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Tomorrow X Together — also known as TXT — has had a pretty impressive year. Since debuting in March, TXT has released an EP called The Dream Chapter: STAR, along with official music videos for their songs "CROWN," "Cat & Dog," and "Nap of a Star." They've also secured performances at KCON NY and Wango Tango, and earned themselves a VMA nomination for Best K-Pop. With so many accomplishments in such little time, no wonder TXT won Rookie of the Year at the 2019 M2 x Genie Awards. But like the humble guys they are, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun and Huening Kai (Yeonjun couldn't be there because of an injury) were not expecting to win at all. The video of TXT's MGMAs Rookie of The Year acceptance speech is so sweet and will definitely make you shed a few tears.

When the group went on stage to accept their award, the group's leader, Soobin, was going to say a few words, but he was so overwhelmed that he couldn't speak, so he gave the microphone to Huening Kai instead, who then spoke on behalf of the group.

According to a fan translation by @TXTTranslations, Huening Kai said:

Firstly, I am really shocked to receive a ROTY since debuting. I didn't even dream that I'd receive it. So it is an honor to receive it. For receiving this award, thank you to our fans. Thank you to the staff for helping us and Bang PD, thank you!

After composing himself, Taehyun then spoke, too. According to @TXTTranslations, he said, "Going forward, too, we will think of this as significant/meaningful ROTY and become a Tomorrow By Together that works even harder. Thank you."

Beomgyu then finished off the acceptance speech by thanking the group's fans and also giving a shoutout to Yeonjun, who unfortunately couldn't join them at the award show due to sudden back pain. He said, "Our fans, thank you so much and Yeonjunie hyung, thank you. Thank you!"

You can watch TXT's full acceptance speech below. Before you do, you should probably grab some tissues because their speech will make so you emotional, trust me.

Are you back from watching it? Did you cry, too? Well, join the club because me and the rest of Twitter still haven't recovered from watching the video.

Just look at fans' reactions to TXT's acceptance speech:

As you can see from fans' tweets, they were also sad that Yeonjun couldn't be there to accept the award along with the rest of TXT. Before TXT made their appearance at the MGMAs, the group's label, Big Hit Entertainment, released a statement explaining why Yeonjun was absent.

The statement read:

While making preparations for today's 2019 M2 X GENIE MUSIC AWARDS, YEONJUN of TOMORROW X TOGETHER began to experience sudden back pain and received a thorough examination and treatment at a nearby hospital. He is now resting and recovering. However, medical staff has advised him to temporarily refrain from taking part in vigorous choreography, and YEONJUN will therefore be unable to participate in today's GENIE MUSIC AWARDS. We would like to ask for your generous understanding, and we will provide YEONJUN with all the assistance necessary for a speedy and full recovery.

While Yeonjun couldn't be there this time, I'm sure there will be plenty more opportunities for him and the rest of TXT to appear at more award shows. I mean, TXT just debuted a few months ago and has already won Rookie of the Year, so I'm sure they'll be collecting a lot more awards in the future!