TXT's 'Dream Chapter: Eternity' tracklist is here ahead of the group's May comeback.

TXT's 'Dream Chapter: Eternity' Tracklist Is Here & MOAs Are Pumped!

Big Hit Entertainment

As any K-Pop fan knows, the weeks leading up to a group's comeback are so exciting because they're filled with so much content, like music video teasers, concept photos, and album previews. After sharing their concept trailer for their next era, TXT gifted fans with their Dream Chapter: Eternity tracklist featuring six new songs. The tracklist doesn't mention which song will be TXT's next single, so fans are curious as to what it will be.

TXT may have only debuted in March 2019, but they already have an EP and a full-length album under their belt. Following the release of The Dream Chapter: Star and The Dream Chapter: Magic, fans wondered whether the albums would be part of a trilogy series. They finally got their answer on April 27 when Big Hit Entertainment announced TXT's new mini album and release date through a video teaser.

The clip revealed the group's next EP, The Dream Chapter: Eternity, will arrive on May 18 at 6 p.m. KST/5 a.m. ET. As if that wasn't exciting enough, the video ended by flashing TXT's new logo, hinting the album will feature a purple and green cover.

Watch TXT's Dream Chapter: Eternity teaser below.

Now, TXT is giving fans more info about their new album through the release of their Eternity tracklist. Fans will be happy to hear the album will have six new songs: "Drama," "Can’t You See Me?" "Fairy of Shampoo," "Maze in the Mirror," "PUMA," and "Eternally."

According to a press release by Big Hit, "Fairy of Shampoo" is a reinterpretation of Light and Salt's song of the same name and Yeonjun helped create the rap for TXT's version.

The tracklist didn't specify which song will be TXT's next single, but fans are predicting which tracks will be their favorites based on the titles alone.

Along with the tracklist, Big Hit also revealed the album will have a purple and green cover, just like TXT's teaser suggested. Fans can pre-order Eternity now through the Weverse Shop.

MOAs can expect TXT to announce their single in the coming weeks as their comeback date gets closer.