Fans Think There's A 'Harry Potter' Reference On TXT's New Album Tracklist

YouTube/BigHit Entertainment

Tomorrow X Together is not even 1 year old yet and they've already done so much in their career. Following the release of their debut EP The Dream Chapter: STAR on March 4, TXT made YouTube history with their "CROWN" music video, performed at big events like Wango Tango and KCON, got nominated for an MTV VMA, and last but not least, they won Rookie of the Year at the 2019 M2 X Genie Music Awards. Well, the guys aren't done with 2019 just yet, because, on Oct. 2, Big Hit Entertainment revealed that TXT will be making a comeback on Oct. 21. That's right, guys! In just a few weeks, you'll be able to listen to TXT's new album, The Dream Chapter: MAGIC. TXT's Dream Chapter: MAGIC tracklist will get you so hype to hear the new songs on the album.

The group's new album will have eight songs in total, making TXT's The Dream Chapter: MAGIC the group's first full-length album. Fans are definitely happy about this info, since TXT's last album only had five songs (Blue Orangeade," "CROWN," "Our Summer," "Cat & Dog," and "Nap of a Star").

Ever since TXT announced their comeback on Oct. 1, fans have been itching to know what TXT's new songs are called. Thankfully, they didn't have to wait long, because on Thursday, Oct. 10, fans got just what they wanted because Big Hit Entertainment revealed the group's tracklist.

According to a press release, TXT's tracklist for The Dream Chapter: Magic translates to the following titles:

  1. New Rules
  2. 9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)
  3. Roller Coaster
  4. Poppin' Star
  5. Can’t We Just Leave The Monster Alive?
  6. Magic Island
  7. 20cm
  8. Angel Or Devil

The titles sound really interesting, huh? Fans are already making theories about what the songs could mean.

One standout title from the tracklist is "I Wait For You at Platform 9 and 3/4 (Run Away)." Fans think the name could be a reference to the Harry Potter franchise since "Platform 9 and 3/4" is where the titular character enters the wizarding world.

Whether it is meant as a reference or not, the title definitely aligns with TXT's "magic" theme they're going for in this new era.

Another title that fans think is interesting is "New Rules" because it also has the same name as Dua Lipa's "New Rules." Basically, fans are saying, "Move over Dua Lipa because there's TXT's 'New Rules' is the new bop!"

I know TXT fans — known as "MOA" (Moments of Alwaysness) — are really excited for the album to finally drop, especially since it was originally supposed to release in September. It was postponed due to several members of the group getting sick. On Aug. 20, Big Hit revealed Taehyun and Huening Kai had contracted conjunctivitis soon after Soobin had contracted it. Because of this, TXT's comeback schedule had to be postponed.

But thankfully, all the members are feeling better now because Tomorrow X Together is getting ready to make their comeback on Oct 21, and they seem more magical than ever! So be prepared, MOA!