TXTers Are Loving Every Dreamy Second Of TXT's "Nap Of A Star" Video


TXT just dropped the most trippy music video these eyes have seen in a hell of a long time. The group, Tomorrow X Together, was formed by Big Hit Entertainment and had its debut in March 2019. Their first EP was called The Dream Chapter: STAR, and it was released on March 4, 2019. One of those songs on The Dream Chapter: STAR was a track called "Nap Of The Star," and that's the song that received this trippy AF music video. BTS fans have been supporting TXT since their debut, and if the tweets about TXT's "Nap of a Star" music video are any indication, the fans are in love with it.

The video is one of the most artistic K-Pop music videos I've seen. (I haven't seen a ton, admittedly.) It stars the five TXT members — Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Hueningkai — in stop-motion animation on a storybook-like set. The boys start out as young kids playing together under a bright star, then the kids go their separate ways and the star burns out. Years later, Yeonjun wakes up with antlers growing out of his head, making him feel like a monster.

Scared of himself, he runs away. Shots in the music video then cut to the other four members and their new features — one with wings, one with a starry eye, one with thorns on their shoulder, and one with elf-like ears. Yeonjun has a moment of fear while he's lost in a forest, and he ends up ripping out one of his continuously growing antlers. That's when the other boys find him, and they all connect over their differences.

You can check out the full music video here.

It's all told like a nightmarish lullaby, and the song itself is really calming to boot.

But the song's meaning tracks with the story they debuted at the TXT debut on March 4.

Fans on Twitter are in love with the "Nap Of A Star" visuals and meaning.

Clearly, fans of TXT are in love with this music video. I've gotta say, it's definitely the most visually captivating and compelling K-Pop music video I've seen. And knowing it's a live-action recreation of the animated story the group had told in their debut performance is a cool way for the last few months to come full circle.

Its message is great for the K-Pop teen fans as well: Everyone has differences/what we might think are "flaws," but it's not about trying to conform to what's perceived to be normal. It's about learning to love what makes you unique. We stan a positive message for the kids!

The video definitely has some dark moments, like the shot where Yeonjun gets a cut across his neck (there's barely any blood shown) and when a cut on his wrist appears near the end, but I guess that was their way of keeping the video suited to more age groups. More videos like this, please, TXT.