Here's What You Should Know About TXT's Resident Triple Threat, Yeonjun


Despite being less than a year into their music career, Tomorrow X Together has already made a huge impact in the K-Pop world. Even before the boyband debuted in March 2019, fans already expected great things from them, since they're under the Big Hit label with the likes of BTS. Now, after releasing an EP, a full-length album, and winning countless rookie awards on the Korean award show circuit, TXT has proven they're more than just BTS' brother group. Made up of Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Hueningkai, TXT has their own unique sound, message, and personalities that make them different from any other group, and each member contributes individually to their unique style. TXT's Yeonjun is the group's oldest member, but there's so much more you need to know about him.

In January 2019, Big Hit teased fans with the arrival of TXT through a set of "introduction films" revealing the group's members. First up was Yeonjun, whose clip showed him taking on the claw machine at an arcade, playing games at internet cafe, and rocking out alone at a karaoke club. Even though Yeonjun didn't say a word in his clip, his fun personality still shined.

Since TXT's debut in March 2019, fans have learned so much more about Yeonjun through the group's various interviews, livestreams, and performances.

Watch Yeonjun's introduction film below.

Here are three things you should know about Yeonjun:

1. He's a triple threat

Unlike other K-Pop groups that divide their members into different subcategories depending on their vocal and rapping abilities, TXT has no clear vocal or rap line. Instead, the members sing and rap as they wish, including Yeonjun. Specifically, MOA can hear Yeonjun's beautiful vocals in songs like "Nap of a Star," "20cm," and "Runaway," and his impressive rap skils in "New Rules" and "Angel or Devil."

Check out Yeonjun's best vocals below.

Yeonjun can also rap in English, as seen in the clip below from the Korean variety show Idol Room.

Apart from singing and rapping, Yeonjun is also a talented dancer. He can perform choreography no sweat, and can also freestyle at any given time.

Check out his freestyle dance on Idol Room.

All in all, Yeonjun is a triple threat, and that's why his nickname is Big Hit's "legendary trainee."

2. He's the oldest member of TXT, but acts like the youngest

Yeonjun was born on Sept. 13, 1999, making him the oldest member of TXT and the only member born in the '90s. Since Yeonjun has such a cute and innocent personality, MOA dubbed him TXT's "fake maknae" because he acts younger than he really is. Fans even created compilation videos of "Yeonjun being the fake maknae," and the results are so adorable.

Here's an example of one:

3. His Big Hit Audition Song Was BTS' "Boy In Luv"

All the members of TXT have mad respect for BTS, but Yeonjun was the ultimate ARMY before he officially joined Big Hit. In fact, he loved the group's 2014 single "Boy In Luv" so much, he used the song for his audition to become a Big Hit trainee.

Shortly after debuting, TXT had an interview with Section TV, where the MC asked Yeonjun to perform his audition song in front of everyone. Despite Yeonjun revealing it's been a long time since he performed BTS' "Boy In Luv" choreo, he nailed it. A side-by-side comparision of Yeonjun and BTS' V even showed the TXT member was perfectly in sync with BTS' moves.

Check it out below.

With his impressive musical abilities and charming personality, Yeonjun is definitely a stand-out member of TXT.