TXT's "Nap Of A Star" Lyrics Are A Lullaby & A Love Song Wrapped Up In One


BTS' label, BigHit Entertainment, did the world a major solid by presenting the world with TXT, another boy band who are bound for greatness. On March 4, TXT dropped their first album, The Dream Chapter: Star, and, as expected, fans lost it. One song, in particular, called "Star's Nap" has fans buzzing, and it's pretty obvious to see why (because it's excellent, duh). But what do TXT's "Nap of a Star" lyrics mean? It turns out that the song is about missing someone so much that you wish you could meet them in your dreams.

Following BigHit's announcement that they were debuting a new boy band back in January 2019, it's been an anxiety-inducing countdown to when we'd finally meet the boys of TXT (well, see them singing and dancing on our screen, I mean). On March 4, we finally got to see what Yeonjun, Soobin, Hueningkai, Taehyun, and Beomgyu are made of, and they did not disappoint.

There first music video for "Crown" is already blowing fans away with its addictive, electric melody and stunning visuals, and the rest of their debut album is just as epic.

Speaking of their epic album, while it's a short album with just five tracks, it still packs a punch, stacked with dance-floor anthems as well as soft love ballads.

And when it comes to soft love ballads, there's no better example then their track "Nap of a Star." So let's get down to the lyrics for the song that can either be your wedding song or your nightly lullaby. Here's what the lyrics mean in English according to a translation by Twitter fan account DoYou_TXT.

I can see, even if you’re not in front of me / I feel you, even if you don’t say a word / Because I believe in you, even if I’m anxious
I can touch, even if you’re not in front of my eyes / I reach, even if you leave for somewhere far from me / Even with just the memories, my heart is always dancing, like back then
I want to be your nap so that I can dream with you at any time / As if nothing happened / A sun-setting evening, and a darkened night sky, both have my heart full of you
Even if the memories of my childhood that danced in the moonlight grow faint / I’d like it if in your dream, we were together, clearly
The dark silence that does not answer when I call for you in the night sky scares me, in case it’Il be forgotten like this / That those moments that had felt like magic, and that the night sky
I had walked with you would simply vanish like a dream / In the dream, you came to me slowly and spoke to me — / that you longed for me dearly / and to not worry, to me who had tears streaming down my face (Don’t worry) / You spoke to me softly I want to be your nap so that I can dream with you at any time
As if nothing happened / Those moments that had felt like magic, and the sparkling night sky too, are engraved in my heart...

Don't you love these lyrics so much? They're so soft and melodic that they'd definitely send me to sleep with the most beautiful dreams to follow. I just know it. You can listen to the track below:

Kudos to TXT for making their song the new soundtrack to my life.