Twitter Is Already Falling In Love With TXT Thanks To Their Energetic "Crown" Music Video


Alright, y’all. TXT just released a new video for a song called “Crown” and K-Pop fans out there are super excited. Not that I blame them. I mean, TXT has the same team behind them as BTS, so they’re clearly something special. At least, the fans seem to think so, and they’re even more convinced now that the video for “Crown” has been unleashed into the wild world of social media. You won’t even believe how enthusiastic all the tweets about TXT’s “Crown” music video are.

If you don't know who or what TXT is, you're not alone! TXT is a brand new band that BigHit Entertainment unveiled just a month ago, in January 2019. BigHit Entertainment introduced all the guys to the world in a video called "‘Introduction Film - What do you do?" which you can watch on YouTube. So, they're new to everyone! That just makes the release of "Crown" all the more exciting. And now that it's here, fans are super enthusiastic about what the guys of TXT have up their sleeves!

Before I get to the fans’ excited responses to the “Crown” music video, let me just talk about the video itself first. The video is an awesome mix of wholesomeness, impressive choreo, and incredibly good-looking guys. Basically, it’s the perfect combination for any true K-Pop fan who’s looking for something new to add to their YouTube watchlist! The video is bright, happy, and colorful. It's full of incredible energy, which is pretty much what you’d expect from a new group like TXT. And if you don’t have any expectations whatsoever going into this, let me just say that you can at least expect to smile while watching the video.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, then you definitely need to sit down and watch it. Take a look at TXT’s “Crown” music video:

Amazing, right? So bright and fun and happy! How can you not smile while watching it?

In the song, the boys sing about having horns on their heads, making them feel like outcasts. But then they meet someone who has wings, making them different like they are, and it teaches them how to love themselves. You can check out the full lyrics here.

The chorus of the song goes,

Who you? Are you my salvation who found me deserted / Who you? / Are your wings the same pain like mine
There’s a horn rising up on my head / But I love it / You become my crown / The sensation of going pit-a-pat / My heart is mayhem but I love it / We have finally become perfect / The two of us, us, us
Stop the loneliness, abracadabra / Stop the suffering, abracadabra

Remember what I said about that K-pop wholesomeness?

In any case, fans are creating quite a buzz on social media thanks to this video. Let’s see what they’re saying right now on Twitter:

Obviously, everyone is loving the new video. Well, most people are anyway! There are always a handful of people on social media who just don’t appreciate a good music video when they see one. So, I’ll ignore those folks and focus on all the positive vibes TXT’s fans are putting out into the world right now because of this video.

Given the fans' response to the band and to the video, I think it's probably safe to say that BTS has some serious competition!