Here's How To Stream TXT's 'The Dream Chapter: STAR,' Your Newest K-Pop Obsession

by Jamie LeeLo

Oh my god, it's finally happening. TXT just dropped their first debut album called The Dream Chapter: STAR and it's full of delicious new music the K-pop world is eating the eff up. The tracklist is pretty short, but that's OK. Amazing things come in small packages all the time. Tweets about TXT's The Dream Chapter: Star show the response is awesome. But if you're a K-pop newb, you might be wondering about how to stream TXT's The Dream Chapter: STAR so you don't miss out. Don't worry, it's easy-peasy. Just jump on Spotify, babes.

BigHit Entertainment describes the new band like this: "TOMORROW X TOGETHER is a bright and youthful boy band where each member is different from one another, shining in their own way to create a synergy." TBH, the music totally reflects that. It's fun. It's bright. People are basically like, "Yay!"

In mid-February, TXT members Yeonjun, Soobin, Hueningkai, Taehyun, and Beomgyu released concept photos for their first record. In sticking with their youthful vibe, the images show the boys lounging in a cafeteria-like environment wearing bright clothing next to animated pizza slices. Thanks to all of the carefully crafted content, fans already expected a brighter, more playful tone for TXT when compared to their conceptually mature big brothers, BTS. (BTS is also famously represented by BigHit Entertainment and has been enlisting ARMYs to get hyped about TXT.)

On February 21, BigHit Entertainment dropped TXT's minimal tracklist on Twitter. Within five days, it gained 265,000 hearts and 65,000 retweets. In sticking with their playful theme, the very first song is called "Blue Orangeade."

Ugh, I'm so in.

The group let hysteria build for nearly one-and-a-half weeks before finally dropping their music. On Monday, March 4, The Dream Chapter: STAR arrived. Within moments, fans were losing it. People are calling TXT "rookie legends" and happily ranking their favorite songs. Other cutesy words like "amazing," "wonderful," and "awww!" are rampant on Twitter.

If the new group can get this reaction with just five songs, imagine what they could do with multiple albums, live concerts, and tours!

If you've scrolled this far and haven't jumped on Spotify yet to listen, let me force you into it. Each of the five songs is actually pretty short, and you can breeze through the entire album in just under 25 minutes. That means you can listen to it twice during an hour-long workout! Or 16 times throughout your eight-hour work day! Or just forever and ever until you die! (Woah. That got morbid.)

In taking a quick scroll through fans' reactions, it looks like "CROWN" and "Cat & Dog" are early favorites. I personally like "Blue Orangeade" simply because I think the name is lovely and it reminds me of, IDK, eighth-grade basketball camp but in a nice way?

Congratulations, TXT! Fans literally can not wait to see what you do next.