BTS' Label Just Revealed Its New Boy Band That Will Slay Just As Hard As Your Faves

by Jamie LeeLo
Youtube & Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Nobody freak out, but it looks like there's a new boy band in town. K-pop group BTS' label, BigHit Entertainment, just unleashed a new musical phenomenon on the planet and I think I speak on behalf of all ARMYs when I say — wait, am I ready for this? People are furiously Googling the question, "Who is TXT?" after they were announced on Thursday, Jan. 10, 2019. Well, welcome to the world, guys. I hope everyone is ready for this.

According to Soompi, as early as Nov. 27, 2018, it was reported that BigHit finalized plans to debut a new five-member boy band in the new year. After that, BigHit confirmed it to be true in a statement that read, "We are currently preparing a boy group with the goal of them debuting at the beginning of next year."

Anyone who follows BTS knows how major this is! (Like, real major.) In fact, this will be the first group to come out of the agency in six years. (That last was, of course, BTS in 2013. So young. So pure.)

Much to ARMYs dismay, New Year's Day came and went without any news. So, you can imagine how pumped folks were a this mysterious "Coming Soon" site appeared on BigHit's site. BigHit's teaser site left loads to the imagination, and simply featured three Venn diagram-like circles with the words "You & Me," printed in the center.

If a user clicked on the ampersand, the circles combined and the following message appeared: "You and I, different but together."

The suspense! The drama!

Of course, die-hard followers went wild with their research and discovered the phrase "new boy band" in the website's coding. They also used their particularly spectacular sleuthing skills to narrow in on the name of the new group.

Fans found a domain out there called txt.bighit, that when visited shared the message "preparing the page." It also just happened to have the same background and font as the Coming Soon page. Additionally, a few social media accounts arrived involving the letters "txt" and "_bighit." Also, oh yeah, there was a YouTube page, too. There, speculators could see TXT might stand for Tomorrow x Together.

Coincidence? I think not! All roads were pointing in the same direction.

This Twitter user summed it all up pretty well with screenshots.

Then, a whole 24 hours later, this happened.

BigHit Entertainment revealed that the band is, in fact, called Tomorrow x Together but only introduced one member! Obviously, the rest are probably on the way and will be trickled out over the next few days or weeks (because suspense) but for now, we have this great introduction video to member number one.

Please welcome, Yeonjun.

Is that, like, not the most fun you've ever had watching a video in your entire life? I love it! I want it! Give me more!

K-pop fans, remain calm. There is enough room in your heart for BTS and TXT! One thing is clear, it's now BTS and TXT. Different, but together.