Group of young people hangout in the park.They are make selfie photo with halloween props.

Here’s What COVID Experts Want You To Know About Celebrating Halloween This Year

There are some important specifics here.

By Madhuri Sathish-Van Atta
Is it safe to go to a Halloween party during coronavirus? Here's what to know before you go.

Experts Have 1 Huge Safety Tip For Halloween Parties This Year

You can do this pretty easily.

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Here's What To Expect About COVID Vaccine Requirements On Campus This Fall

There’s a lot of back and forth on this one.

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LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 11: Olivia Rodrigo arrives at The BRIT Awards 2021 at The O2 Arena on May 11, ...
Celeb Style

BRB, Framing This Pic Of Olivia Rodrigo And Kamala Harris Laughing In Matching Pink Suits

They really said, "On Wednesdays, we wear pink."

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Political Style

Olivia Rodrigo's Outfit At The White House Is Giving Me Major Clueless Vibes

Not get vaccinated? As if!

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Celebrity Politics

Olivia Rodrigo's Visit To The White House Has Everyone Making The Same Joke

Good 4 u, Olivia!

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Good Luck With Your Vaxication While This Major Airline Is Canceling Flights

Prayers for everyone figuring out your rebooking.

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If You're Going On A Vaxication, Pack These Captions And Get Back To Your Bucket List

Suitcase? Check. Vaccinated? Check.

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Uber And Lyft Are Offering Free Rides To Get You To COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments

This is an effort to encourage more people to get vaccinated ASAP.

By Lara Walsh

7 Sex Workers Reveal How Their Lives Have Changed During The Pandemic

They had to adjust in order to survive.

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For Teens Like Us, Pandemic Reopening Anxiety Is Extra Complicated

“This is a super formative time psychologically.”

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Here's How To Have Safe Sex After Your COVID Vaccine

Vaxed? Get ready for your hottest summer ever.

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25 IG Captions For All Your Shot Girl Summer Pics

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The CDC's New Mask Guidance For Outdoors Means Shot Girl Summer Is On Its Way

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People Care About The J&J Vaccine's Safety. Why Not Birth Control?

By Nylah Burton

Don't Panic, The J&J Vaccine Is (Probably) Coming Back

By Rhyma Castillo