Cardi B Gave BTS The Most Amazing Shoutout On Instagram Live & Even Sang "Boy With Luv"

Kevin Winter/Getty Images; Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

The 2019 Billboard Music Awards had one of the best lineups I've seen in a while, from the Jonas Brothers performing a medley of their hits, including their new single "Sucker," to Taylor Swift's debut performance of "ME!" with Brendon Urie, my eyes were glued to the screen the entire night. The most highly-anticipated performance of the night, however, was arguably BTS, and the BBMAs let the audience know that by making several references to the group throughout the program. Among the many celebrities watching BTS' performance of "Boy With Luv" was Cardi B, who seemed to like the group so much that she gave them a shoutout on her Instagram Stories. The video of Cardi B's shoutout to BTS after the BBMAs is giving ARMYs all the feels, especially because of the sincere thoughts she shared about the group.

Cardi B first started off by saying that she's seen BTS all over Twitter even before the BBMAs, and really, who hasn't? The BBMAs wouldn't award BTS the Top Social Artist award for no reason. The group has been No. 1 on the Billboard Social 50 Chart for over 100 weeks straight and, by the looks of it, they won't be getting knocked down any time soon.

She then revealed that everybody at the BBMAs, including celebrities, were "going bananas for" BTS. The hype surrounding the group's appearance made her interested in learning more about the group. Although Cardi B says that she couldn't understand the lyrics BTS sang, she looked them up and has since been bopping to their music!

What the rapper said next shows just how much respect she has for the group:

I like to learn about different cultures. I like to learn about different people, especially because they look at us and support us, so we gotta support them too.

You can watch the video of Cardi B talking about BTS at the BBMAs below. She even belted out a little bit of "Boy With Luv"!

Cardi B not only had the chance to see BTS perform live at the BBMAs, but she also met them face to face! The two artists caught up backstage at the award show, and the K-Pop group shared the meetup on Twitter by posting a photo of them together, along with Cardi B's husband, Offset.

Cardi B joins a number of celebrities that have become fans of BTS these past few years, including John Cena, Shawn Mendes, Tyra Banks, James Corden, Jimmy Fallon, and of course, Halsey, who BTS just collaborated with on "Boy With Luv."

Variety once asked Cardi B if she would ever collaborate with the group since BTS seem to be big fans of her music. She replied with, "Sure! I like them. They are so cute and different."

While that interview happened before the rapper actually saw BTS perform live, it seems like now she's gotten a new sense of respect for them, especially because the group also mixes different languages in their songs. Cardi B is known for mixing English and Spanish in hits such as "I Like It" and "Taki Taki," while BTS mixes some English into their Korean lyrics as well.

Now that Cardi B and BTS have met, it makes me wonder what a collaboration between them would sound like. Would it be in English, Spanish, Korean, or all three? I'm not sure, but whatever the language, I know it'd be amazing.