John Cena Can't Stop Gushing About BTS Because He's Their No. 1 Fan

by Hollee Actman Becker
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images; David Livingston/Getty Images

It's no secret that John Cena is ARMY AF. I mean, the WWE star has been tweeting out his love and support of BTS for some time now, and like, what a world to live in! So I really need to know: Are BTS and John Cena friends? As much as I'd love it if they were close friends, I'm gonna go ahead and guess probably not, since Cena hasn't actually met the K-pop group IRL yet. But what I do know is they've definitely got a mutual respect for each other that comes pretty close to friendship.

Cena has been a fanboy for years now — a fact that he's made crystal clear on social media — and he's pretty sure they'll all cross paths soon. In fact, he even has a plan in place to make it happen, because of course he did!

"I'm petitioning to kinda be their secret bodyguard," he joked to ET while making his way down the Comic Con red carpet for his upcoming film, Bumblebee. "I'm currently doing some business in China, and China's really close to Korea, so you never know what can happen."

I'm totally down with this logic. Yes, I know Cena was probably kidding around with this whole thing, but I would so be here for him to actually land a gig as BTS' bodyguard. I mean, he clearly loves them enough to take a bullet for them (or at least scare off some sasaeng fans) — especially for J-Hope, who he said is his favorite because he's "got a little street cred like myself."

So how did the wrestler-turned-actor become such an unlikely BTS stan? Apparently, a lot of it has to do with the group's massive and devoted ARMY.

"When I became aware of the BTS phenomenon, it hit me by storm," Cena explained to ET. "I listen to their music. I enjoy their music. But I really enjoy the following and the passion they create. I think that that's something special."

Of course, the WWE star is no stranger to the fandom thing himself, and BTS admitted during their own interview with ET back in May that while they haven't had the pleasure of crossing paths with Cena in real life yet, they "met" him on TV back when they were around 10 or 12.

"He's the best wrestler," RM told ET. "John Cena, are you ARMY?"

And here was Cena's response:

Wondering what it means? According to one of the comments on the post, what Cena actually said was: "I am ARMY."

So there you have it. They may not be close friends IRL yet, but the mutual respect and love all these guys have for each other is legit.

Last February, Cena even wished J-Hope a Happy Birthday on Twitter. And like a true member of the ARMY, he even busted out the #JHOPEDay hashtag.

And one month later in March 2018, when Cena was hosting the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards and BTS took home the prize for Favorite Global Music Star, the wrestler-turned-actor couldn't help but take a minute to give his favorite band member a shoutout.

"JHope is so humble and cheerful, he divulged.

And yeah, I don't disagree! He also called RM "extremely adorkable," and OMG that is just everything!

Oh and P.S.... Hey there, Darci Lynn!

Later, Cena rolled up to Twitter to send out a message of congratulations to all of the boys:

And BTS responded in kind with a tweet written in the world's universal language: emojis.

Then in May, the Blockers star was at it again, showing the boys some serious Twitter love after they copped Top Social Artist at the Billboard Music Awards for the second year running.

"Congrats to the global phenomenon that is BTS," he wrote. "Your journey and success are inspiring and impressive!"

Legends supporting legends.

I stan.