Halsey Got BTS The Sweetest Gifts To Celebrate Their 2-Year Friendiversary


Halsey and BTS are pretty much BFFs at this point. Not only have they collaborated on “Boy With Luv” and shared a lot of fun together, but they’ve truly become buddies for life! In fact, Halsey celebrated two years of her friendship with the boys of BTS by gifting them with friendship bracelets! The photos of Halsey’s bracelets for BTS will definitely make you wish you were friends with her, too.

Halsey and BTS met two years ago at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. From there, a true friendship developed, and now they’re performing at the Billboard Music Awards together this year! So, they’ve really come full circle and Halsey’s bracelets for them definitely symbolize that!

Just to be clear, these aren’t your typical friendship bracelets. They’re the totally iced out kind of bracelets that only celebs like Halsey would give you. They’re shiny and new and definitely not self-made. Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s talk about the photos of these bracelets. On Thursday, April 30, Halsey announced on her Instagram Stories that she dispensed her gift of bracelets to BTS.

“Finally got to give these to everyone,” Halsey captioned a video of her wearing the bracelet. The bracelet itself has pink and white diamonds, so it’s really delicate and beautiful.

Not long after, BTS shared on Twitter that they’d received the bracelets with a video of one of the boys wearing theirs. You can check out the bracelet down below. It’s genuinely so pretty!


Earlier in the week, Halsey actually teased the gifts she was about to give BTS. In a video shared to her Instagram Stories, she showed several jewelry boxes with each BTS member’s name on them. Here’s a look at that video as reposted by a fan:

What a sweet way to mark two years of friendship! When Halsey and BTS met in 2017, it was all caught on camera. Halsey actually shared a video of one of their first meetings back in 2017 on Twitter. Here’s a look at how their first moments of friendship unfolded:

It’s obvious in that video that they don’t know each other well yet, but if you look at them two years on, they have all the friendship stuff down pat. Like Halsey and RM’s handshake, which was caught on camera while they were working on “Boy with Luv.” Here’s a look:

Now, that is definitely a friendship that has evolved! Halsey and RM seem super comfortable with each other, and all the other BTS boys in the background are totally unfazed by having Halsey in their presence. Overall, it seems like Halsey really enjoys her friendship with BTS and that the bracelets she gave them were a token of her appreciation for them. And that’s really very sweet of her. I’m sure all the members of BTS are equally appreciative of being able to call Halsey a friend. Hopefully, this all means that their friendship will keep going strong and maybe ARMYs will even get another collaboration or two out of it!