Penn Badgley & Domino Kirke's Astrological Compatibility Screams Passion

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After witnessing the glorious melodrama of Gossip Girl and the roller coaster of anxiety that is You, nobody should be surprised to learn that Penn Badgley's zodiac sign is a notoriously intense one. Born on Nov. 1, 1986, Badgley is a Scorpio. Singer Domino Kirke (who is also a doula and owns Carriage House Birth, a doula agency) also falls under a fiercely emotional sign. Born Dec. 17, 1983, she's a Sagittarius. As a couple, Penn Badgley and Domino Kirke's astrological compatibility makes for a super passionate pairing.

Typically, people are quick to label Scorpios as "sexual," or "secretive." In the same vein, Sagittarians often get pigeonholed as the "adventurous" sign of the zodiac. But underneath their bold, often edgy exteriors, these two signs are more similar than you might expect. Both Scorpios and Sags have a verve to them that keeps their partners wondering what they'll do next. Both signs also have a reputation for sticking to their convictions. These qualities are why people like Badgley and Kirke tend to be drawn to one another. Here's what else their zodiac signs say about their romantic compatibility.

Their Interests Keep Things Dynamic

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There is never a dull moment with a Scorpio-Sagittarius couple. Water signs — Scorpios like Badgley included — are quite intuitive. Because of this, they find themselves in careers that mine the depths of human nature, like music or acting. Badgley has explored both lanes, adding frontman for the band MOTHXR to his resumé.

A Scorpio's sensitivity and how it translates to the rest of their life is attractive to Sagittarius — and Kirke seems like a textbook Sag. She's been making music since she was a teenager, and dropped her first album, Beyond Waves, in 2017. She also co-founded Carriage House Birth in 2012, and her Instagram is full of beautiful maternity photos and childbirth information. It's clear that, like many Sags, Kirke does her own thing and owns it when it comes to her career path.

They Both Feel Their Emotions Deeply

For better or worse, Scorpio and Sag are in their feelings on the reg. On a bad day, Scorpios are moody and stew in their thoughts. And Sags have a reckless streak that can sometimes cause them to lash out. But if any signs in the zodiac are unafraid of a little emotional intensity, they're Sag and Scorpio. They're the first ones to realize their partner's mood swings aren't personal, and instead, hold space for their lover to feel things deeply.

Scorpio feels comfortable opening up because they trust their partner will not judge them. Sagittarius feels comfortable being vulnerable and venting to their partner. When these two come together, both will encourage their lover to work through their emotions in a healthy way.

They Both Love Super Hard

Along with the fiery feelings Sags and Scorpios stoke up in one another, they both defend their relationship until the end. Sagittarians like Kirke risk it all for the things they hold dear. And when it comes to Scorpios like Badgley, "devoted" is an understatement: They are utterly loyal and always have their partner's back, no matter what. Both signs are protective partners who'll have choice words for you if you mess with their loved ones.

When you take their astrological makeup into consideration, it looks like Kirke and Badgley are a couple built to last. Lonely boy, no more.

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