27 Tweets About Dating A Sagittarius That Have Perfect Aim

From taking spontaneous vacations to having super-steamy sex (three times before even leaving the house), a Sagittarius love story will keep you on the edge of your seat. A dreamer and a doer, fire sign Sagittarius is daring and adventurous. From constant excitement to a love of trying new things, there truly is something to be said for dating a Sagittarius. Well, according to Twitter, there's a lot to be said. And these tweets about dating a Sagittarius really hit the bullseye.

Because they tend to value their freedom, Sag needs a partner who will give them space. They're idealistic and generous, and while they do make for their romantic partners, they need to take time and space for themselves. When they feel like they don't have their freedom, Sag can get a little cagey. What can they say? This archer wants to really play the field before settling down with someone they love. And even when they've found someone they want to be with, Sag will likely prefer a night out on the town over spending a quiet night in with a boo.

And while astrology can't dictate everything, these 27 tweets about falling for the archer have nearly perfect aim.

Beyoncé Did It

Let me hear you say, "Hey, Ms. Carter!"

He’s Just A Sagittarius

Alexa, play "Wide Open Spaces" by the Dixie Chicks because it's a bop and also because Sags live to roam.

Where Is The Lie?

I dated a Sag for a few weeks that used to say, "spot the lie" a lot. They ghosted me. Is that the lie? Is being a considerate person and sending a text that says, "I'm, it's just not going to work out," the lie? I'm not bitter. (I'm bitter.)

Nine Reasons Why

I want to go on a three-part date with Miley Cyrus.

Get Free

"Liberated" by DeJ Loaf and Leon Bridges plays because Sag needs their freedom.

A Comment On Commitment

I've never taken an improv class, but I tell myself, "You gotta commit to the bit," when I'm telling a joke that's not really landing.

A Fire Inside

Being mis-zodiaced isn't always an insult, but it's rarely a compliment.

The Stamina!

The archer really knows how to hit the spot.

We Are The Threesome

This is just hilarious.

I Know You Are, But What Am I?

My Taurus moon is just going to suggest a little communication here, just to ensure everyone's comfort.

Quarter-Life Crisis

Dating a Sag is like buying impromptu tickets to things, getting fun body modification, and having a life crisis, but in a super fun and sexy way.

Not For The Weak

As Waka Flocka Flame says, "Real recognize real."

Get Ready For Fun

Honestly, if you get a little too focused on the details or you struggle to just chill out (me), dating someone that can inspire you to let your hair down and live in the moment can be awesome.

An Experience To Remember

The phrase "Time of you life" makes me think of the movie Dirty Dancing.

Emotionally Independent

TBH, dating someone who can take care of themselves is hot.

Two Planes Going In Opposite Directions

Two planes diverged in a yellow wood. Sorry, I could not travel both.

Is This A Date?

I was on what I thought was a date the other day and they literally said something about it being hookup and I was like, good to get this sorted before I get attached (TBH, my Taurus moon was attached before we even met for drinks).

Fight The Feeling

My parents' song is "Can't Fight This Feeling" by REO Speedwagon and I have a vintage REO Speedwagon T-shirt from the '80s that I sometimes wear on first dates. That's very sappy, but I stand behind it.

The Stars Cannot Lie

Get a partner and a few lovers! And communicate openly with all of them!

Change Is Good

Honestly, making big changes in your life can be really intimidating. But being able to understand what's right for you and then to go out and do it? That's huge.

I Don't Want To Be Your Boyfriend

Communication is key!

Two Crabs & An Arrow

A thrupple of two Cancers and a Sag is really something to think about.

That's Power

Sags are magical.

Vague Flirting

Honestly, I had to Google "iMessage 8ball," and the proper name is "8 Ball iMessage." Yes, I'm a Capricorn.

They Like Freedom

As Shakespeare one said, "To thine own Sag, be true."

Why Not?

I'm picturing a Lizzie McGuire Movie moment here.

Don't Push It

OK, aforementioned, ghosting stinks. But it's important to give people the time and space they need to process.

From spontaneous trips to lavish dates, dating a Sagittarius is never-ending excitement. Although they may not always be the best communicators, when given the space to be themselves, this archer is sure to sweet you off your feet. With a fire in their heart and ability to tackle all of life's problems, a Sagittarius partner will really hit the bullseye.