People Who Are A Sagittarius Have These 15 Things In Common

Evan Schneider/Stocksy

Will all the Sagittarius people please stand up? Wherever you are in the world (because let's be honest, you're never going to settle in one place for too long), I hope you're taking a second to represent your zodiac sign. Like our favorite sitcoms and the passions we pursue — our star signs are a part of us. They tell us a lot about our place in the universe, what energies we send out into the world, and sort of explain why we react the way we do. Sure, we all have different personalities and dreams, but if you're a Sagittarius, you'll know that these things are totally true.

You're a Fire sign with a winter birthday, and best known for your unreal wanderlust. Being spontaneous is your style, and following your feet is so easy for you. Yes, you're one of the most adventurous ones in astrology, and you can own it all up to the greater galaxy. Your passport is always ready for whatever's next, and your friends are just used to your incredible need for freedom at this point. Some of them might even be right by your side with a suitcase, too.

Some would be a little intimidated to live a lifestyle like yours. Being a Sag (borderline Scorpio) myself, I know that not everyone is so eager to hop on a plane or experience everything. That's OK — but I'm happy that girls like you will be able to relate to these 15 things that are way too real for our star sign.

You're Always Looking At The Brighter Side

It's a "good vibes only" kind of mindset. When you find yourself in a sticky situation with your squad, you're always the one looking at the glass half full instead of half empty. Sure, sometimes people don't understand how you're always able to find the positive in life, but you just don't see a purpose in dreading anything.

There's always something to look forward to, and being optimistic is just a result of your incredibly open mind. You've seen enough of this world to know there's always going to be some greener grass on the other side. So, you might as well make your mind a little bright.

You Love Making Pinky Promises

Next to traveling and making memories, you love pinky promises. Honestly, any kind of promise would do, but locking fingers with your friends has for sure been the best since first grade. The problem with your promises is that you're not always so good at keeping them.

You don't mean any harm, but when life gets crazy (which is pretty much always), you have a bit of trouble following through. That sense of freedom gets mistaken for being flakey, and you may find yourself apologizing all too often for missing coffee dates and the like. Your truest friends always forgive you, though. One day you'll get better at keeping those sacred pinky promises, but for now it's just your star sign.

You're So Spontaneous

You're always ready for an adventure. Whether it's deciding at almost midnight that you want to hang out with your friends, or booking a trip without much prior planning — you live by your inner compass and not so much the clock. Aside from understanding all of this because you're a Sag, you also totally relate to people who live out of their suitcases on the reg. It's not that you hate your closet or hanging up your clothes, you just don't ever want to be slowed down when there's something in the world to see. Your soul wouldn't be as spontaneous that way.

You Hate Waiting

Patience isn't exactly your forte. Maybe it's because you're so spontaneous or are just on a mission to fill every minute with experience. But, you hate having to put life on pause. It's just so inconvenient!

Long lines, phone updates, and sitting at a restaurant (especially while hungry) are honestly your worst nightmares. Thank goodness that in our modern world things tend to move fast, but that trip you have booked next month seriously can never come soon enough.

You're Incredibly Independent

Doing things by yourself doesn't scare you one bit. Whether it's grabbing lunch, hopping on a train, or making life decisions — you're a pro at being solo. It's not that you like to seclude yourself, it's just that you like being on your own schedule and only having to worry about yourself sometimes. You could get thrown into any social situation and make friends almost immediately. Being independent has its perks that way — and you love the memories you've made with yourself.

You Love To Travel

OK, so you've probably heard it enough by now. But, as a Sag, you love to wander the world. Your mind is always wondering what it's like in other places, and you've probably thought about picking yourself up and moving to another city someday soon.

Traveling is unique in the sense that it makes everywhere feel like home, and you leave little pieces of your heart in every experience. You love surrounding yourself in other cultures, and opening your mind up to strangers who have a whole different set of beliefs and stories. Feeling complete is so crucial to you — and it seems the only way to do so is to fill yourself up with wanderlust.

You're Always Open To Trying New Things

Since you've traveled so much, or just have this optimistic mind, you're pretty open to trying new things. From exotic foods, to daring excursions — it's all on your bucket list and you better believe you'll check it all off one day. Taking chances and finding the risks in life gives you some sort of a thrill, and it's really all just part of being spontaneous.

Sure, you don't have to skydive necessarily. Something new could be as simple as taking a different route to class, or changing up your usual coffee order. You have your habits just like anyone else, but routine and repetition is so not ideal to you — especially if you want to feel inspired.

You Probably Studied Abroad

When I got to college, one of the first things I started to consider was studying abroad. My brother had gone to Italy for six weeks a few summers before, and it just seemed like something I couldn't pass up. Living in another country for a whole semester was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I had no idea that I'd spend every weekend in a new country or hitting up the Mediterranean beaches way into late September.

If you're a Sag, you probably went through something similar. Maybe you took it upon yourself and found a way to travel that didn't have to do with school, planned a road trip with your friends for the summer, or just have it in your New Year's resolutions to take a trip. However you fill your passport with stamps is just fine.

You're So Curious

Curiosity totally sparks your soul. You love learning about everything. When your friends have secrets, you seriously hope they'll share — and you'll always be the first to wander down the road less traveled. You just know there's always something more than just what's in your space, and you want to find all of the hidden gems around this globe.

Maybe you pick up something exotic when you go grocery shopping just because it has a cool label, or study up on the wildest philosophies and stories. You love understanding it all, and have the patience and confidence to check out what others won't bother with.

10 . ... And Blatantly Blunt

Honesty is your best policy. As a Sag, you have the tendency to be oh-so-blunt. Your friends love it sometimes, because it means your heart and your thoughts are always right on your sleeve. However, being so blatantly obvious with your feelings sometimes comes at a price. Not everyone is totally OK with the truth, even though they'll likely appreciate it in the long-run.

You Know The Struggle Of A Winter Birthday

Having a winter birthday is sometimes the absolute worst. You consider a Leo to be so lucky, just because they can always have a pool party or spend the day by the beach. Growing up, you had to get a little more creative. Maybe you went bowling, had a nice dinner, or took your squad ice skating. Sure, there's still plenty to do even when the weather isn't so warm. But, oh boy, would there be so many more options if you could have some fun in the sun.

On top of the chilly weather, everyone tends to be so stressed around your birthday because it's also holiday season. With Thanksgiving and Christmas also in your corner, you have to share some of the love and presents with the other people in your life. Although, an extra serving of mashed potatoes before breaking out the cake isn't so bad.

... But You Love Doing Things Differently

You're a leader, not a follower. Growing up, you probably strayed away from the crowd and stuck with your crew instead. You'd much rather do something different than stick to the status quo.

Sometimes you do things that aren't so mainstream, just so you can say that you're living a little alternatively. Maybe you seek out bands that are fairly unknown, and when you travel, you like to find the cities that are true hidden gems. You keep life incredibly interesting when you live it this way.

You Love Change

The only constant in life is change. And lucky for you, you love it. You know that the bad days won't last forever, but you live in the present because soon enough the good ones will come and go, too. Life's a lot about going with the flow, and maybe that's why you're always so packed and ready to go.

As a Fire sign, you're aggressive about controlling your fate and making the most of every moment so that you can live your wildest dreams. But, your open mind has also allowed you to step back and let the universe take over sometimes. Where there's a ying, there's a yang — and you'll always be waiting for life's curveballs to create that beautiful chaos.

You're An Extrovert

Some people get their energy from within themselves, but you recharge your battery through experience. Being an extrovert means you will typically pick a Saturday night out on the town over staying in. Sure, you love being surrounded by your squad and dancing until dawn. But, that doesn't always mean that when you're stressed you need to stay out until midnight. After all, you're also so independent and everybody loves a good movie marathon.

Truth is, as an extrovert, you're just incredibly open to the vibes that other people put out in the world. You pump yourself up in the morning with some caffeine, but it's your crew that seriously gets you moving on a Monday.

You're Passionate About Following Your Dreams

Dream big, Sag. It doesn't matter how many trips you take, you'll always be on a one-track mind to pursuing your passions. Maybe you know exactly what you love to do, or are just constantly roaming so that you can find something that truly sparks your soul. Whenever you do find it, you'll watch it totally consume you. At the end of the day, you hate waiting and are very honest just because you care. And when it comes to your dreams, you don't want to put anything on the back burner.

Powering through isn't always the most ideal way to handle things, but this side of your star sign will surely make things happen. Just remember to be patient with your passions. You have a whole life to live, and your feet will take you so many other places before you finally settle, Sag. And there are thousands of people with your star sign that know these things are just way too true.