The Best City To Move To Throughout The World, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Feeling a little spontaneous? You're 20-something, so the thought of moving out has probably crossed your mind more than once. Graduating college and finding a new city to call home is a classic story that we've fallen in love with, thanks to our favorite sitcoms. But, deciding just where to go isn't quite as easy as the shows make it seem. You've done your fair share of traveling, and you'd love to find work and follow your passions just about anywhere in the world. The universe knows your wanderlust is unreal, and the best city to move to is simple, if you follow your zodiac sign.

You hate to leave your family and friends behind, but you'll always find your way back home. Life is all about living, and you're so ready for a change in scenery. Maybe you studied abroad, so you've seen some of these cities already in person. It's been a daydream of yours since the day you left that you'd live there again so soon.

The world is full of places worth seeing, and picking just one to spend your time can seem nearly impossible. That's why it might be best to just leave it up to the stars. They say everything happens for a reason, so leaving your next adventure up to astrology sounds pretty smart.

Aries: New York, NY
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You love to hustle, Aries. You're always quick to get your life tasks completed. The concrete jungle can be intimidating for a lot of people, but you'll fit right in. With bustling streets, and people who also love to live life in a timely manner, it comes to no surprise that the universe thought this city would be the somewhere for you.

You'll be living the Friends lifestyle, and maybe rent that small studio apartment with one or two of your college friends. There's at least one coffee shop on every street, so you'll have no problem finding your own personal Central Perk. The city full of dreamers will be so comfortable for your daring soul.

Taurus: Florence, Italy
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Surrounding yourself with lots of love and beauty is so important to you, Taurus. You like your spaces to have a sense of art to them, and live a fairly high-quality lifestyle. There are a ton of cities in Italy that are worth a visit, but if you're going to stay awhile, I hope you find yourself in Florence. A city full of architecture, rich history, and fine leather goods will speak to your star sign so much.

You'll love cooking with such fresh foods, eating at the best gelato spots, and the hardworking local people. Florence has incredibly deep roots, and the people are oh-so-grounded. It's worth traveling to, Taurus, and taking some time to settle in, too.

Gemini: London, England
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You've got a good head on your shoulders, Gemini. Your mind is quick to adapt to anyone and everything, which is why moving to a new city will be such a breeze (Get it? You're an Air sign!). But, as curious as you are, you're also quick to doubt yourself and your decisions at times. You love the idea of living abroad, but have never been able to settle on just one city.

London will be the perfect place to pack up your stuff and spend a year or two, because it's full of friendly people and fairly close to home, in terms of language and culture. You'll love this fashion capital of the world for all its photo shoot and shopping opportunities. When you get bored, you can easily hop over to other places in Europe for an even grander experience.

Cancer: Paris, France
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Bonjour, Cancer! Oh boy, are you a homebody. But, that doesn't mean you can't find a new city to get comfortable in. Somewhere artistic and so aesthetically pleasing like Paris sounds right up your alley, according to the stars. Your lifestyle will truly be so sweet once you're spending time wandering down the cobblestone streets and experiencing everything the city has to offer beyond the Eiffel Tower.

You're quick to fall head over heels for a lot of things in life, and the City of Love will certainly sweep you off your feet. As a Water sign, somewhere near the sea might seem like a better fit, but you'll find the river that runs right through the center of the city will be just fine. Hang out on the bridge and catch a bit of the breeze, or maybe hit up a museum when you have a free afternoon. You'll merci me later.

Leo: Los Angeles, CA
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This city will be so ideal for someone who shines as bright as you, Leo. You're a ray of sunshine to your squad, and almost always down to do something social. You hate to take a day off from the spotlight, and love to strike up a conversation with strangers. A place that has a lot of life will be just perfect.

This city is full of energy and has a great nightlife scene. You'll find yourself flourishing on social media and posing against bright pink walls and the like. For a Leo, Los Angeles will instantly feel like home, and you'll be greeted by a lot of warm sun and warm-hearted creatives like yourself. Quite honestly, what are you waiting for?

Virgo: Charleston, SC
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You keep your life fairly tidy, Virgo. Sometimes you sweat a little too much over the small stuff, but people appreciate how hardworking and practical you can be. It doesn't make sense to you to move incredibly far from your family and friends. You can be shy at times, so sticking to somewhere in the United States seems ideal.

Charleston is known to be incredibly clean with crisp Southern architecture. As an Earth sign, you're known to love spending time in the natural world and will absolutely love wandering through the gorgeous gardens that cover this city. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and after staying here for a while you'll have so many beautiful stories to tell.

Libra: Copenhagen, Denmark
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Let's talk about your next life adventure, Libra. It means a lot to you that your spaces give you some peace of mind. Moving somewhere chaotic or even a little too lively just isn't the serenity you're looking for. You've perfectly curated parts of your lifestyle to bring some balance into your life, so the stars suggest you move to a place like Copenhagen.

This city is filled with castles, chic fashion, and cycling. Hop on a bike to explore and experience everything your new home will have to offer, or chill in a coffee shop and share some stories with the locals to really get a lay of the land. There's a lot to do in Denmark, and you'll feel so #blessed to be there.

Scorpio: Dubrovnik, Croatia
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So, you're ready for a change of scenery, Scorpio. You're a Water sign, so somewhere by the sea would only really make sense. But, don't stop there. You love to experience and express your emotions at every level, and finding new friends is kind of your forte. Spending some time in a friendly and creative city like Dubrovnik, Croatia will be absolutely suitable.

Lined with white marble streets and walls, with the beach and boats just a few blocks away, you'll find the culture of Croatia to be the perfect combination of those of Italy and Greece. If you're a Game of Thrones fan, you might recognize some of the sights from your favorite episodes. You'll be living in somewhat of an endless summer in a place like this.

Sagittarius: Chiang Mai, Thailand
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You're an adventurer, Sagittarius. Traveling has never been a turnoff for you, and you're so excited to wander to other places around the world. Out of all the star signs, you're most likely to spend some time somewhere exotic. You love experiencing other cultures that are nothing like your own, and you'll find unlimited amounts of philosophy and inspiration in places like Chiang Mai.

When people think of Thailand, the beautiful beaches, blue waters, and Bangkok probably come to mind. You love being outdoors, but Phuket will be filled with tourists, and you'd rather get a more authentic experience. Chiang Mai will be a memorable home for you amongst the mountains. Wander towards the top of the trees to see new views and sights of the city, or visit an elephant sanctuary when you have some spare time.

Capricorn: Vienna, Austria
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You want a to live your life surrounded by culture, Capricorn. You'll always pick quality over quantity, and for you it's less about filling your passport with a million stamps and more about finding a forever home. No matter how long you're planning to stay, the stars highly recommend you check out Vienna.

Visually, this city is stunning with intricate architecture and well-crafted chocolate cakes. You tend to be a little serious, Cap, and your naturally responsible self is probably already moved out and managing life just fine. But, if you want a life upgrade and to take another step in adulthood, consider moving abroad to Austria.

Aquarius: Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Aquarius — you should definitely go to Amsterdam. This city is so quirky, like you. From the quaint streets lined with canals and bikes, to the Red Light District and coffee shops that don't sell a single brewed bean, this place is perfect for a one-of-a-kind person like you.

You'll find the people to be incredibly passionate about this place. You might spend your first few days going to art museums, and catching up on all the rich history of your new home. I highly suggest spending an afternoon at the Anne Frank House, and snapping a pic for social media at the "I Amsterdam" sign. You'll love all the different energies in the air.

Pisces: Sydney, Australia
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The stars saved the land down under just for you, Pisces. Sydney might be a little far from home, but it's filled with friendly people that will make amazing company. As a Water sign, you want the experience of moving out to go swimmingly. You hate the thought of regretting your past, or making decisions that you'll soon doubt. After one dip in the Great Barrier Reef, you'll find that you're far from a fish out of water in this wonderful place.

Study abroad students tend to love Sydney because it's incredibly lively and offers so much opportunity for experience. From climbing bridges, to seeing a show at the Sydney Opera House, there's so much life in store. Truth is, you really do love the escape, much like a Sagittarius. So, finding yourself in a foreign city might not be so bad. Follow your lucky stars, and your zodiac sign on this one.