8 Monica, Rachel, & Phoebe Moments From 'Friends' All Roomies Can Appreciate


I'll be there for you... because you live in the same place as me, so it's kind of a package deal. Living with our best friends is an adventure, to say the least. In fact, it's the exact moment that our best friends become more like sisters. You fight, you make up. You wear each other's clothes, and appreciate their presence more than you'd ever let them know. We've learned a lot of things from Friends about our own friend crew, but our favorite Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe moments from Friends remind us why we appreciate our roommates — no matter ridiculous they may be.

You've definitely had your memories together. There's that time you ordered way too much Chinese food, or fought over the finale of Project Runway, cleaned the apartment together (which is always an experience), or finally figured out who to call when your hot water goes out.

She's your gal pal, so you don't want to yell at her for leaving all her dishes in the sink... again. Last week she brought you home Chipotle, so it all weirdly evens out. It may not always be sunshine and rainbows like you dreamed it would be, but our besties are the best roommates because they're used to being there for the good and the bad.

Here's eight times Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe reminded us of our roommates, and why we still love them, despite the craziness.

When Rachel Stole Monica's Thunder
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We all get jealous from time to time. When your roomie gets home and starts gloating about her latest high test scores, or the new, cute boy that slid into her DMs, it's hard not be to cynical and unsupportive.

Life may be a joke, you might be broke, and your love life might be D.O.A. — but Monica and Rachel remind us that we should always end up on the same team.

When Rachel Had Trouble Taking Out The Trash
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There's always one roommate who ends up doing all the cleaning. So it's a big deal when trash week comes around the tables have turned.

That time when Rachel goes to the trash chute to throw away a pizza box — struggles, gets yelled at by Mr. Treeger, and cries — is all too relatable for the clean roomies and not-so-clean ones too.

The lesson being: don't be so hard on your bestie when things don't go as well as planned. Life comes at us hard, and you never know what kind of grouch they've run into.

When Rachel Needed Monica's Health Insurance
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OK, so we're not all going around taking each other's health insurance — but when we're sick, we do rely a lot on our roommates for soup, tea, medicine, and a little bit of love.

In college, we learn to take care of ourselves, without our parents around to tell us what's right and what's wrong. At first, it can be intimidating — and we're grateful our roommates are there to lend the helping hand, or bring the Band-Aids.

When Phoebe Hated Pottery Barn
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One of the best parts of having your own place is the decorating. You've probably spent a good amount of time already curating Pinterest boards of DIY home decor, Anthropologie pillows, and Crate & Barrel kitchenware. So, it's a little bit of a downer when your ideas for your dream space don't entirely match up with your roommates.

They might come around to your ideas though; nobody wants to lose their roommate over that Pottery Barn lamp.

When Monica & Rachel Fought Over A Guy... And Phoebe Broke It Up

Thank goodness for the roommate who's not afraid of a girl fight. They're the level-headed one that come swooping in just at the right time, and a sounding board for our most troublesome, complicated, or unnecessary feuds.

You should never let a guy come in between you and a friend (but it does happen) and when it does, I hope you have a Phoebe in your roomie group to bring everyone back to Earth.

When Phoebe Met Mike's Parents

Shopping trips are always essential — for groceries, for candles for the bathroom, or for a new outfit to meet your guy's family for the first time. Rachel and Monica are quick to jump to Phoebe's aid in this episode, reminding us that our roommates are the best people for outfit advice, or Bloomingdale's trips.

When They All Wore Wedding Dresses

The girl trio's most popular scene in Friends might be when they all sat on the couch in wedding dresses.

Our roommates are our partners-in-crime for our most ridiculous fantasies and ideas. They'll also know that a new outfit, dance party, or good old-fashioned cry sesh is the perfect way to handle any boy problem — and likely join in on it, too.

When Rachel Moved Out

As much as we may get annoyed by them, we never truly appreciate our roommates until they're gone.

Moving out of your space together is truly the end of an era. You'll get nostalgic for the times you cried over the trash, went on shopping trips, and watched Chopped for hours on end.

Just don't cry too much that it's over. Smile because you had the time of your life living with a friends like them.