People Who Live Out Of Their Suitcase In Their 20s Have These 12 Things In Common


If your schedule is oh-so-crazy, or you're just a 20-something who loves being on the move, then you know what it's like to live out of your suitcase. The summer in college that I had my internship, I was packing my bags two to three times a week to go spend the night somewhere else, and would load my car up with a little cooler of food I could cook for dinner when I got there. It wasn't the most ideal at first, but I learned to absolutely love it. People who live out of their suitcase have a lot in common — from wanderlust to what they like to wear. It's sort of a lifestyle, and one they're pretty good at living.

For any other person, packing so often would be such a drag. Think about any trip that you've ever taken. Maybe it was just the excitement to reach your destination, or even some travel anxiety. But, sticking to your list and finding a way to make all of those shoes fit into your suitcase just wasn't fun. Honestly, that's the part about traveling they always forget to tell you about. Making memories has to start somewhere, though!

For those who find themselves constantly roaming, living out of a bag is a breeze. I like to think of myself now as someone who could seriously stick to the suitcase lifestyle — and if you consider yourself to be one of those people, too, then we have at least some of these 12 things in common.

You Love To Travel

Let's get this similarity out of the way early on. People who live out of their suitcases love to travel — a lot. In college, they might have studied abroad, and so naturally their wanderlust has been unreal ever since. Or maybe they just love being on the move and experiencing absolutely everything.

For some, not having their personal space for their stuff would be an absolute nightmare. But, for you, there's a comfort in being in unknown cities and getting to call them home.

Your Planner Is Jam-Packed

If you're living out of your suitcase, your schedule must be pretty packed. Your time to relax is when you're traveling in between two spots, and can fall asleep on the train or plane that's getting you there. You've honestly gotten pretty good at putting in your headphones and finding some peace of mind in a crowded room.

Maybe you have a color-coded system going on, or just a lot of scribbles in every square. Sometimes it stresses you out that you really have #nodaysoff. Thank goodness you have a planner to pencil in all of your life's adventures, though.

You Always Order Food To Go

Your phone contacts are filled with restaurants and tasty spots that you can order food to go, and there's maybe even a Chili's on your speed-dial (I mean, if you're craving bottomless chips and salsa while you're on the road, where else would you go?)

When you're traveling, eating is most definitely an experience, and you surely take the time to sit down and try the local cuisine once you're a bit settled. But you're seriously no stranger to calling ahead and looking up menus online, because your life is fast and you need your food to be, too.

You Seriously Despise Unpacking

Unpacking is honestly the worst for all of us. But, people who live out of their suitcases probably despise it the most. When you're only in a place for a few hours, taking everything out and hanging it up in a closet just isn't ideal.

You spent so much time making sure you fit your shoes together in just the right way, and even put your clothes in your bag in the order you would need them the next few days. Why would you mess up the system now?

... But You Know All Of The Packing Tricks

Half the reason why you don't want to unpack all if your stuff is that you packed it so perfectly to begin with. Sometimes you have to squeeze multiple seasons worth of outfits into one bag — and sweaters, coats, and boots can get bulky if you don't get a little creative.

Rolling your shirts instead of laying them out, sticking shampoo bottles into tall shoes, and putting your underwear into sleeves are all good ways to maximize your space and make the most of your suitcase.

You Migh Have Very Simple Style

Mixing and matching is key when you're always on the move. Truth is, there's only so much space in your suitcase. So, you must pick your favorite pieces in your closet and take them along for the ride.

People who live out of the their suitcases will have their favorite outfits, and a bunch of versions of them that they rotate throughout the month. It'll seem like you're wearing something different every day, when in reality that sweater just got effortlessly styled. I guess the lesson to be learned is to never underestimate the power of neutrals and simple fashion sense.

You're Unpredictable At Times

At any moment's notice, you could hop on a plane and be perfectly packed. When your suitcase is always ready to go, nothing's really stopping you from taking that ticket and jet-setting to another destination.

Some might find this to be a little flakey, or too spontaneous for their comfort zone, but you're a travel pro and don't mind hopping from one place to the next too much. In fact, you probably feel most at home when you're following your wanderlust.

You're Loaded With Travel-Sized Products

That section of Target with all of the travel-sized toothpastes and deodorants is where you thrive. All of those beauty products that some people can seemingly never find in a smaller version, you already have packed.

When you're constantly on-the-go, you need to leave space for other essentials and can't fill half of your suitcase up with specialty straighteners and super heavy bottles of shampoo. That's a TSA nightmare just waiting to happen. Even if you're just hopping in your car, saving some extra room and traveling light is always so much more ideal.

You're Minimalistic

Whether it's in your style, morning routine, or just your general life motto — you're always on the move, so it's naturally easier to be minimalistic.

They say when you're traveling, you should try and pack a little light. When I studied abroad they advised us over and over again to not bring a pair of shoes we would never really wear. All those items add up, and soon enough, you're lugging around way too much in a foreign place. Being minimalistic is sometimes a hard lifestyle to get on board with, but you have it down pat.

You Have Friends Far And Wide

Always being on the move has meant that you have probably met a lot of people in this world. Some of those new best friends might come from across the pond, while others might be just a few towns over. You've learned that this planet really is so small, and have learned to get social wherever you go.

Having friends far and wide really does work out, though. No matter where you go, you seemingly have somebody to call and have a lazy Sunday with — if there is such a thing in your schedule.

You Might Be A Little Lazy

Even if you're staying in one place for a week, you'll choose to live out of your suitcase and create that big pile on the floor. It's seemingly easier to you at first glance, to not have to hang each individual item and unload like it was your home.

Once you return to your roots, it'll be the same routine. You'll take awhile to settle back in, and may just put things away from your suitcase as you need to use them. Hey, why make things complicated? Everybody has their quirks, and it's oh-so-common for you to keep your stuff pretty collected.

You Have The Best Travel Bags

Whether it's one of those backpacks meant for people who are spending months in Europe or exotic places, or just a supreme suitcase that has hidden pockets everywhere you look — people who live out of their suitcase tend to have the best bags for traveling. You've done your research so you know exactly which ones have wheels, and that having multiple straps is good for when you want to carry your stuff in several different ways to give your back a break.