15 Serious Struggles People Who Literally Cannot Travel Light Can Only Relate To

Look, no one likes to point fingers — but if you had to think about someone who packs their entire life when they travel, you're probably not over-exaggerating. It might even be you. It's not your fault, though. No one wants their wanderlust to be paired with unpreparedness, because then you're not really enjoying your trip. And hey, there are never really too many outfit options, am I right? If you're one of those people who can't travel light, you're not alone.

Lucky, people who overpack not only have everything that they need, but most everything that they want as well. Every trip needs one over packer, because they will likely have those last-minute, off-the-wall items you thought you'd have to hunt down a store in order to get. Packing light can be so frustrating, especially if you don't ever want to feel like you could have worn something else for those anticipated Instagram pics during the trip.

The overpacking struggle is real and if your suitcase is busting at the seams before you've even started packing your shoes, I'm talking to you. Packing light is just not in skill set and never has been. People who over pack aren't alone and they have more than just a super heavy suitcase in common with one other.

They Are The Most Likely To Have Their Bag Opened By TSA

Whether it's their charger that they have for their charger or their flat iron, their bag is the first, and likely only, to get opened. Hopefully, it's organized, or everyone will be sitting and waiting for them to put it all back. Airline security is never a quick process.

They Are Never Fully Convinced That They Brought Everything They Need

Double and triple checking is inevitable. And even when you think they've packed a portion of earth in their bag, they'll think otherwise. Call it being overly prepared or skeptical.

They Have The Most Obnoxious Suitcase You Have Ever Seen

Either their suitcase is the biggest you have ever seen or it's huge and has the craziest design on the outside. Way to be unique. You could spot their suitcase from across the airport.

Their Closet Is So Big, You Could Basically Live In It

A walk-in closet doesn't even begin to describe their clothing situation. You could walk, skip, and live in that thing. You honestly can't even blame them for over packing with so many options.

They Have At Least One Thing In Their Bag That You Can't Pronounce

It might be a multi-purpose gadget or a skin care product you have never heard of, but you certainly can't pronounce it. Obviously, they mean business. You might even end up using it, just because.

They Will Inevitably Leave The Trip With More Than They Came With

The idea that they will shop and bring back more items than before might seem like a magic trick to you. To them, it's possible. For you, it's mind-boggling.

They Believe In Backup Outfits For Every Plan

They not only have an outfit and back-up outfit for breakfast,lunch, and dinner, but they're packed for the small things in between. Options are essential. Most of their time is spent changing outfits and sleeping.

Their Shoes Seriously Need A Separate Bag

Their shoe game is insane. You don't blame them for needing a completely different bag. Seriously, it would be so tough to choose.

They Don't Hold Back On The Travel Size Products

The liquid restrictions at the airports are pretty lame. Don't be surprised if a portion of their bag consists of Ziplock bags filled with travel size everything. You might be borrowing a few.

They Will Always Need Help Carrying Their Bags

Every man is not for themselves when you're traveling with an over packer. Two or three sets of hands will be needed to assist them. You may even have to take two trips to the car and back.

They Pack Pretty And Practical Shoes For Each Outfit

Outfits have more than one shoe option and they sure brought them. You never know when you are going to have to dress up or dress down an outfit. They're totally prepared for either.

They Don't Mind The Extra Charge For Multiple Bags

It's crazy how much airlines charge you for extra bags (and extra weight). To an over packer though, they don't mind paying the extra money. As long as they have their things, it's an investment.

Their Carry-On Bag Never Meets The Requirements

As much as they plan to have a carry-on bag, it never meets the size or weight requirements. Honestly, a backpack wouldn't even suffice for them. Oh, the struggle.

They Have A Bathing Suit For Each Day Of The Week

Everyone knows that you can't ever have just one bikini. When you can't travel light, you certainly don't skimp on the swimsuit options. Accessories for your swimsuit are also fair game.

They Start Packing Early, But Are Still One Of The Last To Finish

Early start doesn't mean the first to finish when it comes to packing. Imagine if they actually started when everyone else did? You all would likely be missing your flight.

Traveling light can seem like an unattainable skill for anyone who over packs. They really are the epitome of the more the merrier.