Woman Packing Over 50 Outfits Into The Smallest Bag

If you're anything like me, then when you come home for the holidays you bring two large suitcases filled with your entire wardrobe so you can do laundry at your mom's house instead of the laundromat.

If you're not like me, then you still probably overpack and end up with a crazy cumbersome suitcase that you, realistically, only wear the same two outfits out of.

You know which ones I'm talking about.

Outfit A. Comfy clothes that you don't leave the house in.

Outfit B. The sexiest clothing you own for that one night you go to the bar and expect to find a lot of old high school chums.

Maybe you have Outfit C. That's just Outfit B, with less cleavage for Christmas dinner with grandma.

But this lady is straight up practicing witchcraft.

You know what I can fit in a tote bag? My work laptop, several empty granola bar wrappers and a pair of headphones with only one earbud that works.

This lady packed 50 outfits.


Uhm, and she can juggle?

This lady is 100% a witch.

Not only is she a witch, but she's also a Bond girl. Rachel Grant was in "Die Another Day" as Peaceful Fountains of Desire. (It was... uh... it was 2002 and Bond girls always have truly terrible names...)

Grant even fits an umbrella into that small tote bag.

I can't fit an umbrella in my day-to-day life, because who has the time to remember something like that?

How is she going to fit that dog in that bag with all those clothes?

She suggests wearing your boots instead of packing them -- but if you're in front of me in line at security at an airport and wearing big lace-up boots I will literally scream.

You'll wear slip ons to the airport and you'll like it.

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