This Is Who The Cast Of 'You' Is Actually Dating IRL

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Unfortunately, it's easy to get sucked into Netflix's drama-thriller You. It's unnerving, puzzling, and scandalous. So, even if you don't feel good while watching it, you click "next episode" anyway, because, god d*mn it, you have to figure out what kind of mess Joe Goldberg is going to get into next. For better or worse, You's hot cast — namely, Shay Mitchell and Penn Badgley — add a bit of levity to the murdering, stalking, lying, and voyeurism. And if you're wondering who the charming eye candy that's the cast of You is dating in real life, a little investigation — 100 percent not stalker-esque, at all — leaves more questions than answers.

Some of the You cast have more well-documented relationships than others. Of course, it really helps when if you've been in the public eye for a good, oh, 10 years or so, as everyone's TV crush (cough, cough Badgley; cough, cough, Mitchell). Some cast members have a more mysterious dating history, though — especially the ones who are Hollywood newcomers. And so, with all of that being said, here is what we know about the latest on the You cast's dating life, minimal internet snooping required.

Penn Badgley

Well, for starters, Penn Badgley has been scooped up by Domino Kirke. She's a British musician, doula, and founder of Carriage House Birth, an organization that offers doula services and training. After Badgely dated Blake Lively (of course!) during Gossip Girl's run, he and Zoë Kravitz had a brief, glorious moment. And then Badgley and Kirke started dating in 2014.

They got married in 2017. If the last name "Kirke" rings a bell, it's because Domino is the little sister of Jemima Kirke, who played Jessa Johannson on Girls.

Elizabeth Lail

Unlike her character in You, Elizabeth Lail (aka Guinevere Beck) keeps her social media presence tight. Yes, her social media accounts are all public. But it's hard to pin down who she's dating, if anyone at all.

Lail has been romantically linked to fellow actor Julian Haig — peep the Disney visit and Vancouver vacation they went on together. However, their relationship is unconfirmed. (Elite Daily reached out to a rep for Lail, but did not hear back by the time of publication).

Lou Taylor Pucci

Lou Taylor Pucci also keeps his personal life under lock and key unlike his character, Beck's fraudulent f*ckboy ex Benji Ashby. The only relationship of Pucci's the internet can speak of is a brief one with actress Kelli Garner from 2004. Pucci references an unnamed girlfriend in a 2011 Q&A with Anthem Magazine. (Elite Daily reached out to a rep for Pucci, but did not hear back by the time of publication).

Ambyr Childers

Ambyr Childers, who plays Candace Stone, appears to be single. In December 2017, Childers finalized her divorce from her ex-husband, film producer Randall Emmett. It was an amicable one, set up so that the Childers and Emmett can co-parent their two children.

Childers filed for divorce in January 2017. Emmett is currently engaged to Vanderpump Rules' Lala Kent. The two announced in May 2019 that their wedding is slated for April 2020.

While Childers hasn't said anything about her dating life, she is focusing on Ambyr Childers the jewelry company. She founded it in 2015 with fellow actress Kate Bosworth, with designs that pay homage to Childers' Native American heritage. In January 2018, right after her divorce, Childers told Page Six in 2018, “I’m in a really good place right now and am excited for all the new creations and challenges this year is going to bring."

Shay Mitchell

And last but not least, there's Shay Mitchell, who plays whipsmart Peach Salinger, yes, that Salinger. Since January 2017, Mitchell has been romantically linked to Matte Babel, a journalist and TV host. After vacationing together in Greece and low-key flirting in an interview, fans picked up on a connection. (Elite Daily previously reached out to Mitchell's team to confirm her relationship with Matte Babel, and her team declined to comment.) It seems that Babel and Mitchell are still going strong as a couple.

And there you have it folks! When it comes to the You cast's love lives — which are decidedly less chaotic and dramatic than the show — consider your curiosity sated.

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