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Here's The Cuffing Season Mantra You Need, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


No matter your star sign, cuffing season can be a time of both stress and delight. You get to lock in a snuggle buddy for the unforgiving, chilly months, go on dates with your strongest cuffing season contenders, and test out whether you can see them in your life for the next year. At the same time, not having a cuffing season bae while surrounded by nothing but love and proposals can be... a lot. The cuffing season mantra you should repeat, based on your zodiac sign, can help you keep your priorities in mind as you hit the dating scene this winter.

Maybe you have a few fresh cuffing season baes on your roster who you're spending time with, fuzzy blankets and hot apple cider in hand. Maybe you're baking gingerbread cookies and playing board games with the one hottie you've been crushing on all summer and fall. Whatever your cuffing season situation may be, your astrological background (including your moon sign and Venus sign) might be pushing or pulling you in a certain direction. Based on your sign, here's the affirmation you should keep in mind as you dive into this season of playful winter dates, braving the frost for booty calls, and finding someone to keep you warm this winter.

Sagittarius: "Let's Flirt With Settling Down"

As a Sagittarius, you're constantly flitting here, there, and everywhere — from one Instagram DM to the next, from city to city, and lover to lover.

Cuffing season is when you get to experiment with the idea of being in a relationship. (Honestly, this can happen year-round, so don't feel like you're limited to finding love only when it's cold. But there's just something about the holidays that makes coupling up seem so appealing to so many!) So apart from flirting with all the admirers your in DMs, explore the idea of settling down — even if just until the spring.

Capricorn: "Pencil In Some Time For Self-Discovery"

You'd be hard-pressed to find a Capricorn that isn't horny for spreadsheets, a planner for the #aesthetic, or a solidly-booked Google Calendar. That being said, Caps should squeeze in some time for exploration this cuffing season.

Who knows? By dating or hooking up with someone new, you might learn a few things about sex, love, and yourself in the process

Aquarius: "Let Your Freak Flag Fly"

Aquarians are all about individuality, to the point where they're often afraid to be themselves with friends and lovers. This cuffing season, remind yourself it's OK to be unique and different. There's definitely someone out there looking for a partner who they can discuss conspiracy theories and talk sh*t about politics with from a warm, toasty bed.

Pisces: "Make Your Daydreams A Reality"
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Known as the artsy, eclectic sign, a Pisces always has their head in the clouds. This time around, give yourself permission to pursue the lover of your wildest daydreams. Make an unapologetic list of what you want in a partner, head to your local record shop or pottery studio, and get busy finding a cuffing season partner.

Aries: "Reflect To Connect"

Every Aries is a force to be reckoned with: in the classroom, the board room, and the bedroom. If you're an Aries, you've probably been using those ram horns all year long to go after who and what you want.

The laidback, cuddly vibes of cuffing season make it a perfect time to relax and reflect. This can be taking stock of what you liked and disliked in past hookups and relationships, or just taking time off from dating to reconnect with yourself.

Taurus: "Get Cozy With The Right One"

From their HGTV-worthy apartments to their relationships, Taureans love to feel stable and secure. They also love relaxing and pampering themselves.

As you're on the quest for a movie night cuddle buddy or someone to drink hot chocolate with the morning after, remind yourself to get cozy with a partner who really fits you. Find someone you can spoil in all your Taurean glory, but someone who can meets all your needs as well.

Gemini: "I'm Going To Be Honest About What I Want"

Persuasive on a good day and duplicitous on a bad one, Gemini's twins are always out to play and cause trouble. If you're a Gemini, you've got to be honest about what you want this cuffing season.

Sure, you're not shy about expressing your sexual desires, but what about your romantic ones? Whether you've got to break some hearts by letting some season picks go, or admit that you can actually see a fling going somewhere meaningful, honesty will be your best friend.

Cancer: "Protect My Heart"

It's already hard enough being the "mom friend" in your crew in addition to the most emotional. So if you're a Cancer participating in cuffing season shenanigans, don't forget to keep your own best interests at heart. You are the prize. Make sure your cuffing season partners are acting like it. And if they're not, no one would blame you for cutting them off.

Leo: "Kill 'Em With Kindness"

Leos might be inclined to read this mantra as, "Let someone walk all over you." But if you're a Leo participating in cuffing season, you might need the reminder that it can be heathy to let go of your petty ways and dramatic tendencies.

If someone's leaving you on read or not texting you back immediately, refrain from throwing a classic Leo tantrum. Instead, practice empathy and focus on the joy that dating during cuffing season can bring.

Virgo: "Vulnerability Never Killed Anybody"

Virgos have the darnedest time opening up to people, largely because they're afraid of getting hurt and then looking "silly" because they were vulnerable.

This season, try switching things up and being real with your partner(s) about where you are emotionally. Know that, yes, there's a 50% chance the other person won't reciprocate how you'd like them to. But there's also a 50% chance they will.

Libra: "Is This What I Really Want?"

For better or worse, Libras love love. For better, this looks like their knack for nurturing romantic relationships. For worse, this looks like them clinging onto any person who gives them any warmth or attention. Libras get one drop of affection from their crush, and their judgment can get real clouded, real quick.

Libras, don't hold back from finding someone to drink wine and watch your old French films with this cuffing season. But also, make sure the lover by your side is really the best fit for you, whether that's over the next few months or for the long term.

Scorpio: "Give In To Romance"

A Virgo "feels all the feels," but keeps them to themselves out of fear of looking foolish. Scorpios, on the other hand, keep their feelings close to their chest because they're afraid of getting hurt. When it comes to getting intimate, whether that's platonically, sexually, or romantically, Scorpios tend to deflect with humor and snark.

If you've caught feelings for someone, give in to the appeal of romance. As the saying goes, "It's better to have loved and lost, than to have never have loved at all." If you really do want someone by your side this cuffing season, it's time to figure out what that quote was all about.

Whether you're here for a good time, not a long time, or you're vetting for a year-round bae, keep your mantra(s) in mind as you embark on your adventures this cuffing season.