22 Movies To Watch During Cuffing Season That Are Perfect For Cuddling

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There's a chill in the air. Hot girl summer is dead and gone and the year's end is creeping near. While visiting a pumpkin patch with your FWB may sound like fun, you've got to admit: Regular cuddling with a (seasonal) bae probably doesn't sound too shabby either. Because TBH, driving on black ice or braving 15 mph winds for a 2 a.m. booty call might not be worth risking your life. Sometimes, cuffing up is necessary, OK? And if you're looking for movies to watch during cuffing season, well, look no further

The following 22 movies and specials are ideal for cuddling, for a number of reasons. Some are filled with the kind of drama that will have you and your partner talking late into the night. Others are thrillers that'll give you the perfect excuse to hide your face in your boo's chest. And finally, the comedies and stand-up specials will have you and your cuffing-season bae collectively ROFL. With the frosty weather and laidback nature of cuffing season, hibernation dates are just the right vibe. So hook up that HDMI cord, grab your snacks before the weather gets too gross, and settle in for these 22 cuffing season movies.

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