6 Zodiac Sign Pairings That’ll Fall In Love This Cuffing Season, So Get Ready

Don't be fooled by the warm temperatures, cuffing season will be here sooner than you think. Before long, you might notice your friends start disappearing one by one into pairs, to snuggle up with a new bae through the cold, cold nights. This means now is the perfect time to figure out who you're going to hibernate with this year (and maybe even beyond!) by knowing the zodiac pairings that’ll fall in love this cuffing season. Take notes, y'all.

It's easy to think of this time of year as optimal for a "for now" partner, and sure, that can be true. But, it's also a great time to find a forever partner if that's what your heart truly desires. That's because some folks are not only in an emotional and mental place where they're open to settling down, but cuffing season is also just a cozy, homey time of year. Being with the right person during all the fireside chats and the pumpkin spice frenzy can get anyone in their feels and thinking about how much they'd like to enjoy this connection year-round. It also doesn't hurt if you're astrologically aligned. So, if you're keeping an eye out for someone to spend the season with, it might be a good idea to consider these zodiac signs. You might end up catching real, life-changing feelings for them that last well beyond cuffing season. You never know!

Aries & Sagittarius
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Just because it's cold outside, doesn’t mean life can't be full of adventure. In an Aries and Sagittarius match, both signs have the perfect partner with whom to experience all the excitement and romance this season has to offer. Both signs trust their instincts and want to follow their bliss, and it can sometimes be hard to find someone who really “gets” this, let alone appreciates it. They're also both highly independent signs who buck at being constrained in a relationship, so they're able to give one another room to breathe without feeling jealous. And as fire signs, there's no shortage of passion between these two. It's easy to see why, when Aries and Sag find one another in the winter months, they're likely to stick around and see what thrills the other seasons bring.

Gemini & Libra

Both Gemini and Libra are social signs, so when their social lives take a hit as the weather cools (because let's be honest, who wants to trudge through the snow after 11 p.m.?), it’s important for them to find a partner who knows how to have fun when it's just the two of them. For witty, versatile Gemini and an easy-going charmer like Libra, this should be no problem. While Geminis tend to fall for people fast, they can lose interest just as quickly if they don’t find a partner who keeps them on their feet and stimulates them mentally. Thankfully, fellow air sign Libra is always full of surprises and has a unique, justice-based world view that always keeps Gemini intrigued. Gemini's duality is very appealing to Libra, who's drawn to their balance and often gets wooed by anyone who can regularly make them giggle. Gemini and Libra are what people mean when they say their lover is also their best friend.

Cancer & Taurus

While some signs may dread the colder seasons, both Taurus and Cancer can’t wait for the excuse to just stay home and get cozy with someone they care for. Both signs appreciate nesting and creating a home life that is warm, comfortable, and luxurious. That's why these two will likely find themselves unable to get out of their 1,500 thread-count sheets all winter long. Why leave when everything you really want is right there? While that may make getting through the winter months a breeze for these signs, the deep emotional connection and security they find during cuffing season is what they both truly look for in a partner, and that will keep them connecting long after other couples consciously un-cuff.

Leo & Aquarius
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Leo and Aquarius are opposing signs, and basically what the cliche of "opposite attracts" was created for. The passion and chemistry between these signs is fire. These two really know how to make the best of being homebound for the winter, if you know what I’m saying. But their connection extends far beyond the bedroom, in large part because warm and emotionally generous Leo has a unique knack for connecting with Aquarius in a way Aquarius has always dreamed of, but can rarely find with other signs. Usually, Aquarius is most compatible with signs that are happy to accept them for who they are, including their tendency for emotional aloofness. Knowing they are seen is really important to Aquarius, but Leo is able to go a step farther and unlock their heart, and that's not something you let go of just because the temperature rises.

Virgo & Capricorn

Unlike Leo and Aquarius, whose differences create compatibility, Virgo and Capricorn find their connection through being true kindred spirits. These two earth signs share so much in common, it's like they almost have a psychic connection. While winter may cut down on their productivity outside the home, it creates the perfect time for them to really focus on the most important shared project: crafting the perfect relationship and connection. And when these two signs team up, look out, because nothing, including a lifetime of true love and happiness, is impossible.

Scorpio & Pisces

A Scorpio and Pisces connection is almost always likely to be intense. That's because these two water signs are both deeply connected to their emotional sides, though they typically express it in different ways. Pisces wants to be loved fiercely, and Scorpio needs to know whoever they give their heart to is going to ride or die for them. Honestly, you couldn’t find two signs more emotionally aligned. So, while the cuffing season connection will be hot and passionate, it easily can evolve into something deeper, more profound, and lasting.

Cuffing season gets kind of a bad reputation. Sure, there is something kind of cynical about the idea of people starting short-term romances simply to get through a season of boredom, but the heart wants what it wants. There's a very good chance that some of these would-be casual cuffers may end up falling for each other, especially when the stars align.