This Is The FaceTime Date You’ll Love, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Date nights through a screen can feel limiting, but the possibilities for fun FaceTime dates are actually endless. While it's easy to write off digital dates as second-best, they're actually wonderful opportunities to get creative. Being separated from your crush or partner can be prime time for experimenting with how you spend quality time. A solid way to narrow down these seemingly endless possibilities? Astrology. Each zodiac sign’s ideal FaceTime date is one that distinctly reflects their interests and vibe.

Even if they're stuck behind a keyboard, fire signs like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius will still want to go on a date that gets both your hearts racing. Earth signs like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn will still gravitate toward the same intense, physical projects or intellectual pursuits as they would IRL.

Meanwhile, leave it to the water signs, Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio, to want to keep spilling their feelings as freely as they always do. And even though digital dates aren't as exhilarating for them as dates IRL, air signs like Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are just happy to have a little face-to-face connection. Here are the activities each zodiac sign thinks are just perfect for FaceTime date night. Take notes.

Pisces: Thought-Provoking Questions & Chill
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Pisces loves getting deep. Sign them up for emotional intimacy and intensely personal questions with some conversation-starter card decks.

Aries: Truth-Or-Dare

Aries rarely backs down from anything. A brutally honest and flirty game of truth-or-dare fits their definition of "good time."

Taurus: Building Forts

Constructing pillow forts on FaceTime and reaping the rewards of their hard work — a cozy place to chill — is a Taurean dream.

Gemini: Game Night

Hopping on Zoom to play games — and lovingly talk smack — will put a smile on competitive Gemini's face.

Cancer: Cooking Or Baking Together
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Since Cancer is drawn to anything that feels comforting and homey, they'll eat up the chance to try a new recipe and judge results together.

Leo: FaceTime Fashion Week

Leo is always down for a playful adventure, so a FaceTime fashion show is right up their alley. Or is it runway?

Virgo: Book Club For Two

Virgo is all about beefing up that big brain of theirs. Few activities sound better to them than analyzing a book together over drinks on FaceTime.

Libra: Wine Tasting

The sensuality of a wine tasting, plus chit-chatting about the wines and their pairings, strike the right balance for Libra. Buy in bulk on your next grocery run!

Scorpio: Make & Share Playlists
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Scorpio values having a partner who can be their confidant. Chill ways to share your deepest, darkest secrets over FaceTime include making, exchanging, and listening to playlists together.

Sagittarius: Never Have I Ever

You might find there's little that adventurous Sagittarius hasn't done — a revelation that's a treat in its own right. A game of Never Have I Ever will bring all their stories to the surface.

Capricorn: Tackling A Hands-On Project

Whether it's furniture, a puzzle, or a Lego model, Capricorn relishes having their boo by their virtual side as they put in work on a project.

Aquarius: Movie Night
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Independent and emotional Aquarius likes doing their own thing, but they also love connecting with loved ones. Watching a movie and discussing over FaceTime will hit all the right notes for them, so throw an intimate Netflix Party for two to make their night.

Digital dates don't have to be a drag, especially if you consider your partner's zodiac sign. So order your favorite delivery, get comfy, and conjure up an exciting activity for your next virtual date night with bae.

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