You can play the JackBox Trivia Murder Party on Zoom.

You Can Host A Virtual Trivia Night With These Zoom-Friendly Games

It's never been easier to take your trivia night online, thanks to a handful of apps that quiz competitors on everything from their knowledge of Disney to song lyrics. Adding a video conferencing forum like Zoom or Google Hangouts into the mix makes the experience even more interactive, as you can chat with your friends, family, or coworkers while making your way through different questions. To get started on your virtual game night, check out these eight trivia games to play on Zoom or another video platform of your choice.

With all of these options, you'll want to get started by downloading the game from the App Story or Google Play (in some cases, you might have to pay for it) and then adding contacts you'd want to play against. Once you're set up, you'll want to queue up the game, sign into the game or send a link to your fellow competitors, and then pull up Zoom so that you can exchange banter and quips during the course of your game. One of the benefits of Zoom is its screen-sharing capabilities, which definitely come in handy for a few of the best trivia options.

From Snapchat to Jackbox Games, here's some of the platforms where you can simultaneously jump on a videoconferencing platform like Zoom and put your knowledge to the test during a virtual hangout.

1. Trivia Murder Party on Jackbox Games

JackBox Games is putting a fun spin on your class game with Trivia Murder Party, which gives players an extra incentive to answer trivia questions correctly. If you get questions wrong, you'll be sent to "The Killing Floor" to compete against other players to see if you survive the round or become a ghost.

Keep in mind that you'll need to purchase the game and the host of the game will want to share his or her screen with the rest of the players on Zoom while everyone is playing.

2. Create your own edition on

If you're looking to get creative, make your own trivia game on by creating an account and filling out questions. Once you're done, you can invite your friends to play either by sharing screens or using a link and then pulling up Zoom so that everyone can get in on the fun.

3. Head to Houseparty for a variety of themed trivia decks.

The free app Houseparty, which is available for both iOS and Android users, has a video call platform built in to its Trivia Game. Once you've downloaded Houseparty and added friends, you can hit the dice icon in the righthand corner to start playing Trivia.

You'll then be taken to a page where you can opt to test your know-how in everything from Disney to Harry Potter. All players will be able to see and hear each other during the game, making it a fun and interactive platform that you don't need to supplement with something like Zoom or Hangouts.

4. Combine your trivia & bingo skills with Sporcle.

You can head to to start playing Trivia Bingo with your friends. Simply create an account to start a personal "room," then either share your screen with your fellow players via Zoom or share the link so that everyone can start playing.

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5. Face off against your Snapchat friends with Smart Rush.

Head to Snapchat to answer general trivia questions with your friends, courtesy of the Smart Rush game. While you won't be able to share your screen via Zoom with this option, Smart Rush has some fun visuals including a board game-inspired layout. You can invite your Snapchat friends to play and attempt to be the first one to finish the finish line by answering questions correctly.

6. Potentially win money playing trivia on Facebook Watch.

Facebook Watch offers a variety of live games that allow you to face off against your friends and, if you're lucky, win cash. To potentially make bank with your trivia skills, you'll want to log into the Facebook app and join your game of choice's livestream (Confetti is a good trivia option).

From there, you can invite your friends to play by tapping the "share" button in the lower lefthand corner and queue up Zoom so you can see your friends' answers in real time. Remember that you must join the live game before it starts in order to be eligible for the cash prize, which is divided amongst every player who answers all the questions right.

7. Test your smarts with the 'Jeopardy!' app.

If you're a fan of the Jeopardy TV show, you can pretend that you're a contestant by downloading the free app version of America's favorite answer-and-question game, which is available for both Apple and Android devices and has a multiplayer function.

Just like usual, you'll want to answer in the form of a question, and you can try out your Alex Trebek impressions with your friends if you add Zoom into the mix.

8. Challenge your friends to HQ Trivia.

Now that HQ Trivia recently made an unexpected return, you can once against face off against thousands of contestants for the chance to win cash prizes. Like before, you can download the app and attempt to answer all questions correctly in order to win the grand prize. If you want to make the game extra interactive, you can pull up a Zoom call and chat with friends while you make your selections.