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These 2-Player Games On Zoom Are Perfect For Your Next Virtual Hangout

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Thanks to video-conferencing services like Google Hangouts and Zoom, it's super easy to plan a get-together even when you can't hang IRL. Whether you're trying to plan a virtual hangout with bae or your BFF, it's nice to have something planned other than small talk. When the convo stalls, games are a good way to keep the video call going. Here are six of the best two-player games on Zoom to help you make the most of staying at home.

While many virtual games are made for larger groups, you can still design a one-on-one game night for you and one other person with a few virtual options that are perfect for just two people. In addition, keep in mind that you can transform any regular game into a virtual one by adding platforms like Google Hangouts, FaceTime, and Zoom into the mix. Here are some of the best two-player games to check out in the coming days.

1. Guess Who?

Spice up game night by playing a virtual round (or three) of the board game Guess Who? While you and your opponent will need to purchase these boards beforehand or play with ones you already have, it's easy enough to play as long as you both have a game board. You can also order pop culture-themed versions on Etsy from Friends to Game of Thrones. Once you set up your board and schedule a Zoom call with your designated player, you'll be ready to start guessing away.

2. Virtual Card Games

If you want to challenge your friends to an online card game, you'll want to check out CardzMania. All you have to do is pick the game you want to play, make it public, and wait for your friend to join your match. While you don't have to set up a video-conferencing call for this one, it's always more fun when you can see your opponent's reactions.

3. 21 Questions

Get to know your SO, crush, or bestie on another level with a game of 21 questions. For this one, you don't ned to download any games or purchase anything beforehand. Simply pull up some suggested questions, grab your beverage of choice, and start asking away once you're on a video call.


4. Online Chess

Brush up on your strategy skills by playing a game of virtual chess with your designated opponent. There are numerous options for downloading apps either on a smartphone or laptop, and you can catch up with your fellow player on Zoom while you ponder over your next move.

5. Words with Friends

While Words with Friends has been around for a while, it's another slower-paced game that makes it the perfect excuse to reconnect with a friend and simultaneously show off your Scrabble skills. You don't technically need to see the other person to play, but the game can be so much more interactive if you choose to add a video conferencing platform into the mix.

6. Communal Puzzles

While completing puzzles is typically a solitary activity, you can make it a virtual game night, thanks to a library of online communal puzzles. Once you sign up and choose a puzzle, you can invite other players to join your game or compete against each other with separate puzzles. You can discuss which pieces go where as you chat with your pal over Zoom.

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