8 Valentine's Day 2019 Memes To Send Your Single Friends Because They're So Relatable

If you and the crew are more single than a sock behind the dryer, a stud earring at the bottom of a suitcase, or $1 flip-flop on a stormy beach day, you're probably in need some of Valentine’s Day 2019 memes to send your single friends. Being a can of single Pringles on Valentine's Day can go one of two ways. You can either crack the most savage jokes and be as Anti-Valentine's Day as possible — complete with black lipstick and hot exes on speed dial. Or, you can lay on the self-love this Valentine's Day.

The best way to do that with the homies is throwing a Galentine's Day. A wholesome alternative to Singles Awareness Day, the tradition of celebrating Galentine's Day comes from a 2010 Parks and Recreation episode. And there are loads of ways to celebrate: You can gather the girls up for karaoke, baking, a spa day, or literally just a good old-fashioned sleepover. And your friends deserve the appreciation, d*mn it, because they've held you down through thick and thin.

But until then, forget those mushy, gushy love feelings. These memes will help keep the flame alive... As you roast each other for being single, that is.

For the big Feb. 14 bar mood
reminiscencewo on Twitter

Because whiskey sours and margaritas never leave you on read, right? Draw straws with your friends to see who gets to be the DD and has to suffer, sober, as all the loved-up couples make out.

For the love affair with online shopping
duran_jazlyn on Twitter

Forget sending yourself chocolate or flowers. A true sign of self-love is buying yourself some Valentine's Day bath bombs or some lacy V-Day lingerie. Or maybe your favorite beer or a Groupon deal for a Valentine's Day massage.

Because no one loves you like you do
curvables on Twitter

There are many benefits to masturbation, including improved mood, sleep, and naturally, sexual satisfaction. You might as well snuggle up in bed with your favorite sex toy and rub one out this Valentine's Day. Think of it as investment in your health and future.

For when you've got better things to worry about
elitedaily on Instagram

If you haven't yet, remind your recently single friend that food can't solve everything... but it can definitely make their existence better. Take them out on a date to their favorite restaurant this Galentine's Day. Just don't forget your to-go box!

For that one friend who's "taken" or whatever
darfucius on Twitter

One member of your group chat might be "booed up" this Valentine's Day. If they've been MIA lately because they're in the honeymoon phase, you can probably relate to this lovelorn tweet. Plan a night with the crew for Galentine's Day and steal your friend back from their partner a little bit.

Because an app would be a better Valentine than your ex
jallen6766 on Twitter

Like clockwork, Snapchat will message you on all the major holidays and have a festive, well-orchestrated ghost celebration to match. How does an app put in more effort than any of your exes ever did?

For when you're just a little bit salty
sennyora on Twitter

You and the crew will probably feel a bit irritated when you see all those lovey-dovey couples on Instagram or IRL. It might make you want to throw a rock: Not to hurt anyone, but to let them know that you're single and you're done with all the gratuitous PDA.

For when you've been single for too long
flabber-ghosted / Tumblr

Maybe it's been so long since you've dated someone, you're convinced you're a ghost. Real vulnerability hours: Ask your friends to weigh in.

For when, just maybe, a Valentine would be nice
rickvdakid on Twitter

There might come a point in your Anti-Valentine's Day tirade, you realize that having an SO would be nice. Or maybe you just want to be spoiled on Feb. 14, with no strings attached, and that's super fair, too.

Once you are all out of sarcastic single memes, add a little caramel to that salt. And remember all the good things about being single — especially that you don't have to go it alone.