8 Thank Yous Every Girl Owes Her Best Friend This Galentine's Day

By the looks of the heart-shaped pillows and teddy bears filling up store shelves, it's clear Valentine's Day is right around the corner. But for some of us, there's another special occasion that takes place the day before. I'm talking about Galentine's Day — aka, the holiday that was invented by Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation. You seriously don't know what you would do without your bestie, and there are several thank yous every girl owes her best friend this Galentine's Day.

Every year on Feb. 13, best friends come together to celebrate friendship with their very own date nights. This could consist of having dinner at a cute restaurant with Insta-worthy cocktails (if you're 21 or over), or heading to karaoke. Whatever you have planned, you know that a big heartfelt "thank you" is also on the agenda. You plan to shower your bestie with all the love she deserves, and sometimes, that means showing her all of the reasons why she's truly the best.

So, put it in a card, a thoughtful Instagram post, or tell it to her in person when you're hugging her super hard. Let her know that, because of these eight things, you're eternally grateful to call her BFF and spend every Galentine's Day with her.

For Giving You Something To Look Forward To
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Especially on Valentine's Day, if you're not in a relationship, you know you always have your best friend. She is constantly giving you fun things to look forward to, like brunch on Sundays or late-night gab sessions over your favorite pint of ice cream. For this particular occasion, you're thankful she gave you an excuse to put on a cute dress and go out and celebrate!

For Being The Best Valentine A Girl Could Ever Ask For
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Your bestie is in it for the long-run. You never have to worry about being lonely when February rolls around, because even if you're not in a relationship, you have a Valentine in your BFF. Also, not to outdo anyone else, but your best friend knows you so well, she will forever crush it in the Valentine department.

For The Great Convos About Literally Anything

You could talk to your best friend forever, and by the looks of your text chain, it seems like you do. Even when you're not together, you're constantly sending funny Gifs and links to each other. When you're in the same room, you can talk about literally anything and have a great time. From work woes to dating stories — you always have something to tell each other.

For Knowing Exactly What Sweets You Love
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A true test to see if someone knows you well is if they can come back from the candy aisle with your favorite kind of candy. That's when you know you've found your BFF. If she was putting together a care package, she'd know exactly what to put in there that would make you smile.

For Taking The Best Selfies For The 'Gram
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You don't know how she does it, but every selfie with your BFF is totally Instagram-worthy. Not only does she take the best candid pictures of you to post, but you always look the happiest when you're together. (Let's be real: You have her to thank for every Insta like you get.)

For Always Making You Laugh

Your favorite memories spent with your BFF are the ones where you're laughing uncontrollably. You know whenever you need a pick-me-up, she is right there with an inside joke ready to roll. Even if it makes no sense to anyone else, it always causes you to burst out laughing.

For Always Protecting Your Heart

Let's be honest: The dating world can be a real struggle at times. Luckily, you always have your best friend there to protect your heart. She helps you get back up when you fall hard, and she's right there cheering you on when you find a new crush you have major heart eyes for. She's better than any cupid with an arrow, because she's got your best interests in mind.

For Being A True Sister
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Your best friend isn't just a friend — she's a true sister. You love her just as much as you love your own family. In fact, she considers your family her own, and vice versa.