10 Thank Yous Every Girl Owes Her Friend Group Since Day One

When you've had the same friend group since day one, the phrase, "squad comes first" has never felt more real. These are the friends who truly put the "forever" in BFF. This crew is special from any other friend group, because you stuck by one another through the teenage drama, and continue to support each other as you all figure out adulthood. It's always a blast whenever they're around, which is why you haven't really had the time to stop and think about all of the thank yous every girl owes her friend group since day one.

It's not that you haven't been eternally grateful for them. You're forever feeling blessed, but it's nice to say exactly how you feel every once in a while. It doesn't even take much other than a simple text or phone call, but you could also plan a BFF brunch where you go around giving thanks.

Consider saying "thanks" to your forever squad all year round for these 10 things that make them so special to you. You might even want to dedicate an entire Instagram post out of the blue with the cutest group selfie you have on your phone. They deserve the shower of love and affection coming their way, because for you, squad will always come first.

For Always Being Ready To Listen And Respond With Valuable Advice
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You don't know how many times you've frantically texted your girls for quick work-related or relationship advice. They are always there to give you the words of wisdom you need to hear. You also can't thank them enough for listening to you vent over the years — especially in high school, because as a teen, you likely had a lot to vent about.

For Being There For You, No Matter The Distance
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You and your friends may not have remained in your hometown since high school, but you know they're always there for you, despite the distance. You can even call them whenever, no matter the time difference, and you know they'll pick up.

You also know that when you're all reunited again, it feels like no time has passed at all. You jump into inside jokes like you just pressed the pause button on your conversation the last time you were together.

For Not Spilling The Beans On Every Secret Crush You've Had
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You've had many crushes over the years, big or small. You confided in your BFFs when you were in love with the cutie who sat behind you in chemistry. You also tell them about every guy you want to date now.

You'll be forever grateful that they're able to keep every secret locked away. Honestly, you can trust them like no other, and that's why you love them dearly.

For The Sleepovers And Late Nights Spent Laughing Until You Cry
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Growing up, you had plenty of sleepovers that lead to 3 a.m. chats where you were giggling nonstop. You cherish those memories, and think about them every time you need a little positive boost. You want to say thanks for the memories, but you know there are still so many more late-night laughing sessions waiting for you in the future.

For Being Your Go-To Crew For Every Major Event
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Whenever you went somewhere, your squad was there. They were there as your collective group date at every school dance. They were also cheering you on at graduation. They may have even been there when you went on your very first date, because your parents might have only allowed you to go on group dates.

Your friends were there for every milestone, and you expect to be together for every future bachelorette party, wedding, and baby shower that's to come.

For Being Close With Your Family

When you're best friends with someone, their family becomes your family (and vice versa). In grade school, you used to go over to your friends' houses so often that you've had breakfast, lunch, and dinner with their families more times than you can even count.

For Loving You Through It All
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Your friends love you, no matter what. Now, you can look back and laugh at some of your most questionable outfit choices, in addition to the hot pink braces you were rocking in your eighth grade yearbook picture.

For The Continued Support Through Every Phase Of Life

Your besties were there when you graduated middle school and high school, applied to your dream college, secured your first job, and drove your first car. They are the best cheerleaders, and continue to support you to this day. For every job interview or date you go on, they are right there rooting you on with words of encouragement. You always know you got this, because you've got your best friends right there.

For Every Birthday They've Celebrated With You
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Looking back on some of your favorite memories, they likely include being surrounded by your best friends at your birthday parties. And since you've been friends since day one, there have been plenty of parties and confetti cake. You couldn't imaging celebrating another year without these cool humans by your side.

For Each Having Your Own Strengths Within The Squad
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You love every single friend in your crew equally. You've been friends for so long, because you each have your own strengths that make you your very own super squad.

You have the one friend who can make you laugh no matter what, the one who listens really well, the wise one with the best advice, and the one who knows how to make any situation a party.