7 Things You Forgot To Thank Your High School Friends For & Should ASAP

Friends are a dime a dozen, but a solid, genuine group of girlfriends can be difficult to come by. When you find your tribe, you need to stick with them until the end. For some lucky people, your high school friends have been your besties since day one. You never went anywhere without them, and they helped you get through the emotional roller coaster that came with being a teenager. There are so many things to thank your high school friends for, but you might not have been able to tell them in person. If that's the case, then there's no better time than the present.

You may have moved away from your hometown, but it's never too late to express how you feel. With many of us celebrating graduation or graduation anniversaries, it's the perfect time to send your high school friends a letter, a sweet text, or even give them a phone call to let them know how much you care. Even if it's only been a year since high school, you can still get nostalgic AF and send the love your friends' way. You may not even have to say anything, because they already know, but it's always heartwarming to hear how grateful you are for these seven things they did for you.

For Sticking With You Through The Teen Drama

Many of us experienced a moment or two of rebellion when we were teens. Dealing with the drama that came with all things high school-related was part of growing up, and it wasn't always smooth sailing. Of course, I've grown out of my dramatic AF teen phase, but I'll be forever grateful for my friends who stuck by me even when I wasn't being the best I could be.

For Being There Through Every Major Milestone

You experience many major milestones when you're in high school. You get your driver's license, go to prom, turn 18, and graduate. Those are all big moments you'll want to remember for the rest of your life, and the people who made those memories with you were your high school friends. Looking at throwback pics, your crew always gets super nostalgic. Sometimes, you may even wish you could turn back time and relive those moments together once again.

For Helping You Balance Everything On Your Plate

The work load in high school was stressful AF. Between classes, homework, studying for quizzes, working on essays, and balancing extracurriculars, it was a lot to have on your plate. Lucky for you, your friends were always there to relieve the stress, either by helping you study at your favorite coffee shop in town or distracting you for a bit of fun at the mall.

For Dancing Together At Every School Dance

I never had a date to a dance, but I never even felt like I needed one, because I had my best friends by my side. They were always there to dance like no one was watching, and I love them for it. Even if you had a date to your school dances, you knew you had your friends to get ready with, take far too many pics together, and dance it out.

For Keeping Every Secret Crush Locked Away

Oh, the iconic high school crush — what a dramatic moment in all of our lives. I'm sure we all had that one huge high school crush we pined over for years. Only your friends knew about it, and you will be forever grateful they kept your crush a secret for so long. It's a skill, and for that, you trust them with your life.

For Never Getting Tired Of Seeing You Every Single Day

One of the best things about going to school was being able to hang out with your friends every day of the week. Honestly, thank you to my friends for being able to spend that much time with me, and still wanting to hang out on weekends. Your friends are your friends because they never get tired of seeing you, and you feel the same about them.

For Being Your Forever Tribe, And Going Literally Everywhere Together

High school can be very cliquey. It may not be as dramatic as it's portrayed on TV and in movies with the popular kids, the nerds, and the jocks, but you did find your tribe and you stuck with them. You are thankful for every single member of your squad who went to all of the football games, pep rallies, and volunteer days with you. You always knew you had somewhere to belong when you were with them.