9 Valentine's Day Memes For People Who Want The Holiday To GTFO This Year

Lauren Naefe/Stocksy

There's nothing like a meme to make you say, "same." Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and you might already be so over it. Candy hearts are cute and all, but have you seen the video of the turtle befriending the cat? Where's their special day? Ugh, just rude. Truth is, we love the Internet for all of its hilarious and relatable #content. Spending hours scrolling through social media isn't difficult when there are puppies doing cute things every other picture. The Valentine's Day memes, in particular, always seem extra on point — especially if you're one of those people who wants the day dedicated to love to truly GTFO this year.

There's quite literally a holiday for everything. You could totally blow your cash on discounted chocolate, but you're saving your money for World Nutella Day and National Pizza Day. Ordering an extra large pie and not having to share a single slice is somewhat of a dream, let's be honest. Nobody likes to share food, and our feelings about that are only made stronger when there's a layer of cheese to consider.

Everything is pink and red, and there are hearts everywhere. You feel a little like April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation, wishing it was Halloween and dodging hugs left and right. Sure, you have your feelings and haven't totally signed off on love. You'd just rather send one of these memes instead of a corny card this year.

The "I'm Feeling Myself" Meme
fitznbitz on Twitter

There's no shame in the selfie game, especially on Valentine's Day. We love laying out the thirst traps and striking a pose for social media. Beyoncé is quite possibly the self-proclaimed queen of the single ladies, and this year our feed is going to be truly fire. Who said you need to have a date to heat things up this Valentine's Day?

Candy, Please
narwhalia22 on Twitter

The Valentine's Day let's keep our priorities straight. Feb. 14 might be all about love and relationships, but Feb. 15 is dedicated to discount candy. The only thing you have to get sweet on is swiping your card for chocolate-covered everything. Budget yourself wisely, and special thanks to Burt Macklin.

A Shout To Snapchat
funnydumplive on Twitter

Snapchat is our truest friend and follower when it comes to holidays. We might forget to text our best friends for their birthdays, or get a belated call from our cousins on Christmas. But, thanks to social media, we're never really forgotten. That little ghost and all his friends will be dancing around our screens on V-Day.

Pugs Over Hugs
voteformeme on Twitter

Hugs, kisses, and all that cheesy stuff is so overrated. I hope one day your Valentine gives you a pug. Nothing says, "I love you" quite like a forever friend. Truth is, you'll see enough of couples doing cute things on social media on Valentine's Day and need to be reminded that animals are better than people (in my opinion). I mean, come on — do we even deserve dogs?

Yes, I Have A Date
jwstorytelling on Twitter

Leave it to Dwight to be incredibly literal. One of our favorite characters from The Office will always keep the crowd from getting too festive. Valentine's Day tends to be filled with candles, and after this meme, you'll probably want to re-watch that scene on fire safety. As long as you have a calendar, you have a date this year and every year.

Stay Smelly, Folks

If you don't have a date on Valentine's Day, you're a little luckier than you think. You've got nowhere to be and no one to impress, which means pajamas all day long. Save showering and shaving your legs for tomorrow. Ugh, such a hassle.

Balling On A Budget
alstonleslie on Twitter

Your bank account is so happy you don't have a boo. Being single means you can treat yo' self or save some money instead of spending it all on a fancy dinner and drinks. Life quickly gets expensive, and nobody needs to break the bank for overpriced, cheesy cards that sing.

It's Called Science, Look It Up
fatherday2015 on Twitter

Leave it to Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory to always school us with some science. Love might be in the air, but so are all of those atoms. Your soulmate better study up.

You Get A Card
dancegirl3697 on Twitter

The best memes to come out of Valentine's Day will always be the cards. Last year, I picked out one of these cards for each of my friends that I thought would totally be fitting for them. Nothing shows your appreciation quite like Joey from Friends proclaiming he'll share his food with you. And let's be honest, our besties are basically always our Valentines, even if we do have a bae.