7 Solo Dates To Take Yourself On This Valentine's Day, Because You Deserve It

Cloud Studio/Stocksy

It's time to treat yo' self. Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and if you're celebrating single this year, you don't have to be sad. The holiday has a way of making couples feel extra cute, and the single ladies and gents of the world might be feeling a little bit blue. Sure, scrolling through post after post on Instagram of your besties and their baes looking dapper for date night might make you want to roll your eyes. But, if we've learned anything from being 20-something, it's that self care is incredibly important. These solo dates for Valentine's Day will have you feeling like the only special someone you need is yourself.

We love Valentine's Day for the discounted candy, cheesy cards, and nostalgia of giving out both to our classmates back when we were kids. Our teachers would have a party in class, with those frosting-covered cookies in place of boring math lessons.

Nowadays, the day dedicated to love is a little different. The day before we celebrate Galentine's Day with bestie brunch and unlimited mimosas. And if we don't have a date for V-Day night, we spend some time snuggling with our dogs, or suddenly declare that relationships are overrated.

Whatever you find your feelings to be this year, I hope you're not so cynical about love. Take the day to treat yo' self with one of these seven solo date ideas, and know that the universe will give you something spectacular when the time is right.

Have A Spa Day

Nothing says self care quite like a spa day. You've been dying to try that new bath bomb, and your nails are in desperate need of a fresh new coat. Maybe you'll even do a facial, or book a massage at a local spa or gym. The opportunities to get some much-needed rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation are endless.

Draw some hot water and let yourself soak. Your skin will thank you for the time you're spending caring for it instead of stressing out. If you're really struggling on how to properly execute the perfect spa day, I always recommend scrolling through Pinterest for some DIY ideas.

Spend Time At A Coffee Shop

I've done some of my best soul-searching in my local coffee shop. There's something so comforting about sitting at a counter with a book or a laptop, and a steaming cappuccino.

You won't have to feel self conscious about having a coffee date with yourself, because most people like to spend their time this way already. Whether they're working, writing, or just letting their mind wander — people are attracted to these atmospheres when they want some solo time. You also won't have the pressure of sparking conversation with someone else. Sometimes being social can be incredibly overrated.

Bring a book of poetry like Rupi Kaur's Milk and Honey, and be sure to order a muffin, too. After all, you're on a mission to treat yo' self.

Go On A Shopping Spree

You might have some money leftover from the holidays, or gift cards that need to be spent. You could online shop per usual — let's be real, it's incredibly difficult to pass up. But, on V-Day you should ditch looking at shoes on a screen and take yourself out on a real shopping spree.

We all have our troubles when it comes to love, but this year the only baggage you should be carrying is your mall haul. Spring is right around the corner (thank goodness), and you've been eyeing that new pair of sandals or comfy layering sweater for weeks. Life is short, chocolates are sweet, and you absolutely need the shoes.

Wander Around A Cool Art Museum

Enjoying the finer things in life this Valentine's Day doesn't necessarily need to mean wining and dining. Sure, a five-course meal with a bottle of cabernet from California sounds so good. But, there's a lot of beauty right in our backyards that is just as sweet.

Art museums are full of culture and give us the opportunity to show some appreciation. Most cities have at least one worth wandering through, and you might be surprised how much time you can spend just staring at a painting. If you're not an art nerd like me, there are even some unique museums to visit that will be perfect for your solo date day. The Museum of Ice Cream? Oh yes, sign me up.

Spend A Night At A Nice Hotel

We're talking fluffy robes, mini fridge finds, and maybe even a rooftop pool party. If you're just so sick of your surroundings and want to take your solo date night elsewhere, I suggest you spend a night at a nice hotel and quite literally, get a room.

You'll love having the extra space to yourself, and you don't even need to go far to get it. All those couples will be eating Hershey kisses, but you'll be living the real suite life.

Focus On Some Fitness

Working out or focusing the mind and body in a yoga class truly makes you feel so good. Sure, the treadmill can be incredibly boring and signing ourselves up for a spin class can sometimes come with instant regret. (Yeah, no. Don't put me down for cardio.) But this Valentine's Day, I challenge you to flex your mind and your muscles a bit when you're brainstorming how to spend your solo time.

Take a yoga class at a local studio, or maybe give SoulCycle a try. If you're balling on a budget, you can even do some at-home workouts and finish strong with a smoothie.

Have A Movie Marathon

Grab your best blankets and a big glass of wine, and fire up the streaming services. Staying in has always been so underrated. You've been dying for a night in your sweatpants, and you haven't seen your favorite chick flicks in years.

Maybe you'll want to get in the spirit of the holiday and pick a classic romantic comedy. (Mamma Mia, La La Land, and 13 Going On 30 will always be my favorites.) Or, if you're still in the mood to sign off of love, maybe try something with a strong female lead or watch a sci-fi series like Stranger Things.