6 Best Coffee Shops Around The World To Visit If You're In Need Of A New Brew


Bored of your usual brew? I don't blame you. Your go-to coffee shops are best on a busy day. After all, your favorite barista probably already knows your order and has it ready for you when you walk in the door. But, sometimes we're in the mood for a new experience. Coffee is a culture, and after drinking a thousand dark roasts, you're no rookie to the caffeine conversation. So, before you settle yet again for your usual cup of Joe, check out one of the best coffee shops around the world. You deserve something brew-tiful.

Sure, you might not be a connoisseur (yet), but you'd love to be able to sit and stay awhile at a local independent coffee shop (They always have the best beans.), or jet set to taste something with a slightly different tang. There are thousands of flavors to try, and you've probably already discovered the hazelnut, vanilla, and caramel coffees of the world. But nothing will beat an authentic Italian cappuccino, with a Nutella croissant on the side.

You couldn't picture your morning routine without your favorite roast, and the days where you can spend some quality time with your tea alternative are your favorite. Maybe you bring your laptop to a local java spot and get some work done on the weekends, or meet a friend for a date. With coffee there, you're always in good company.

We love you a latte, so we care about the coffee you drink. Put down the Pumpkin Spice Latte, and visit one of these six spots around the world if you need something more special than your average Joe.

Dom's Coffee In Avon, CT
jalyssabe on Twitter

Words can not espresso how much this little place means to me. A quaint spot right over the Avon Mountain, Dom's Coffee is the European coffee shop in America I always hoped to find.

On the outside, it looks like a little white house sitting amongst restaurants. On the inside, it's filled with succulents, fun quotes about coffee on the walls, and decor that must've come straight from IKEA.

Bring your laptop and chill with a cappuccino, or if you're not feeling coffee then order the pomegranate iced tea with lavender syrup. Who knew your favorite bitter drink could be found at a place so sweet?

News Cafe In Florence, Italy
colletteleyden on Twitter

Brewing the perfect cup of coffee -- like painting or parallel parking -- is an art. The baristas in one of the coffee capitals of the world know this, and are some of the most talented at turning your cappuccino into a true piece of culture.

In Italy, everything is worth a picture. Walking around the streets of Florence will make you feel oh-so #artsy. The leather markets, the lovely language, and the Renaissance art -- it's all so rich. Your morning brew will be no exception, especially at a place like News Cafe.

With every order comes a work of art. Maybe your chocolate design is a mini version of the Duomo, a blooming flower, or a fun spiral. No matter what you get, it'll be worth snapping a quick pic.

Coffee Fellows In Berlin, Germany
rowiro on Twitter

If you're looking for something that's still a little commercial, but with a European twist, jet set to Berlin, Germany for a cup at Coffee Fellows.

For me, this spot made for an afternoon well spent. After an unexpectedly chilly day walking around the city, this local spot was a savior. You could tell it was a popular because it was slightly packed, but we were able to find a bar stool right near the window (truly perfect for people watching.)

They don't cheap out on quality or quantity, giving you a nice large cup that reads "Enjoy my size" on the inside and apple cinnamon muffins the size of softballs.

Heart Roasters In Portland, Oregon
terbodorecoffee on Twitter

The West Coast is most definitely the best coast if you're looking for an aesthetically pleasing place to enjoy your favorite hot drink. Portland is known for having the best local breweries, coffee shops, and book stores -- amongst everything else. The city feels slightly European, styled with romantic architecture, bike paths, and friendly people.

Heart Roasters is the perfect scene for a simple caffeine experience. With minimalistic decor and space to sit, you'll be able to stay awhile, snap something for social media, and sip on something nice while you do it.

Il Rubaconte In Florence, Italy
marisataylor24 on Instagram

This hole-in-the-wall coffee shop sits right along the Arno River that runs through Florence, Italy. When I studied abroad, this spot was always my go-to in between art classes because it was right next door to my school and fairly quiet. The large wooden tables were perfect for getting work done, and we quickly befriended the baristas after a couple of brews.

Unlike a lot of restaurants or eateries in Italy, this cafe had a lot of options on the menu. If you're looking for something sweeter you might have un caffe con cioccolato, where they line the glass with Nutella. Or maybe you need an extra kick in your cup, and will let them spike it with something similar to Bailey's. Just be sure to pair it with one of their paninos.

The Living Room In Copenhagen, Denmark
andrewjewell on Twitter

This multi-level spot will certainly upgrade your usual coffee spot. The Living Room in Copenhagen is kind of like the Central Perk of Europe. Filled with comfy couches, blankets, and a cozy fireplace, you'll want to order something hot just so you can cuddle up and get the true experience.

During the day, stop here for a wide variety of coffee choices and maybe a croissant, and at night, pop back in for a beer and a chill bar atmosphere.