9 Galentine's Day GIFs That Celebrate Being Single With Your Ladies


Okay, ladies. Now, you know what time of the year it is. Valentine's Day is right around the corner, which means date nights and discounted candy. But, the day before, Feb. 13, is the unofficial day we dedicate to loving the ladies in our lives -- and it's so much sweeter than those boxes of chocolates. From our favorite television besties to those girl power bands, there are tons of Galentine's Day GIFs that remind us we're not truly single this year. We have a squad of significant others right in our girl crew.

If it wasn't for Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation, I don't know if Galentine's Day would be quite as grand as it is now. Sure, we all show our besties some appreciation throughout the year. What would we do without them after all? But Knope is the first to make that mark on the calendar and truly celebrate gal pals — and the best gift giver at the annual brunch. Will she ever be beat?

Truth is, we are independent ladies who don't need someone else to define us. Should I say it louder for the people in the back? Even if you have that special someone to share Valentine's Day with, I hope you make a date with the girls who have been in your life through the best and the worst. They've been your shoulder to cry on, texted back paragraphs to your personal drama, and never let you go at life's adventures alone. Our femme friends deserve all the love, and these nine GIFs will get you in the mood to celebrate being single, but still oh-so-lucky.

When Leslie Declared Galentine's Day As The Best Day

Second only to maybe our birthdays, or Groundhog Day (Thank god for that calendar holiday, am I right?), Galentine's Day really is one of the best days of the year. I'm sure soon enough Feb. 13 will officially be given the holiday ranking it deserves. But in the meantime, it's important that we show our spirit.

Maybe you and the squad go out to your favorite sushi spot, have a bestie brunch complete with mimosas, or organize something like a Secret Santa. However you celebrate Galentine's Day, I just hope you capture some Kodak moments for social media and spread that lady love to the world.

When Beyoncé Got The Appreciation She Deserved

All my single ladies. My goodness, put your hands up. Nobody will ever appreciate you as much as your gal pals. They know your worth, and will be the first to say, "I love you" even if it's in the weirdest of ways. (The texts when you arrived home safely. The burrito bowls they occasionally buy. Yup, that's all love.)

You're their biggest inspiration, and they are yours just the same. You admire their ability to be so daring, or how they always know exactly what to say, no matter what the situation is. They'll remind you that you're made of gold, and shouldn't settle for anyone who doesn't appreciate your shine.

When The Cheetah Girls Were Our Girl Group's Biggest Inspiration

We all low-key wished we were a part of this sister squad when we were little. Next to Lizzie McGuire reruns and Sister, Sister episodes, The Cheetah Girls movies were always on repeat. Dancing and singing in the streets of Spain seemed like a dream. But, having that kind of support system became a long-term goal for our girl groups.

Nowadays, we refer to our ladies as our sisters more than ever before. We've stuck together through a lot, and continue to lift each other up realizing that when we stand together, we're totally unstoppable.

When Leslie Preached The Girl Code

Girl code isn't just a hilarious and spunky show on MTV. It's real life. Sure, we've all probably ditched our besties at one point or another for a date with that boy we were crushing on from class. But, she understands and has always been eagerly waiting for the post-date details.

On the reg though, our ladies take a high priority in our lives. It's important to find a balance and budget your time so that you never cut out your bestie. She'll always put your needs in front of her own, and be there with a bucket of ice cream when life gets tough.

When Miley And Lily Never Failed To Find Trouble Together

Adventures are best when we're with our besties. This Galentine's Day you'll want to celebrate being young, wild, and free with your friends. You've shared so many moments together. Your inside jokes are endless, and thank goodness you're not tied down too much, because there's still so many memories to be made.

Miley and Lily never failed to get into a little bit of trouble. And yes, we're not all secret pop stars constantly speeding away on golf carts to our dressing rooms. But, the dinner dates and road trips with our besties — and every laugh in between — were minutes and money so well spent.

When Jess And Cece Were Each Other's Best Support System

It's true and always bears repeating. Nobody will be there for you like your sister-friends. Our girl crew quickly becomes the family we were lucky enough to choose. When you're crying or just need a little life inspiration, they'll be the first to step up to the plate.

Being single can feel lonely sometimes, and being 20-something can be even worse. I mean, now you're facing the world. But, you're really never in it alone, and you'll always have the Jess to your Cece, and the peanut butter to your jelly.

When Leslie Awkwardly Showed Her Appreciation

Leslie Knope is more than just the queen of Galentine's Day and gift giving. She's also the mother of the metaphor. Girls being nice to girls is so incredibly empowering. In a world where everyone is quick to tear each other down, it's nice when we take the time to celebrate each other's successes instead of hoping for failures.

When you have someone who can lift you up with just a few words, like Leslie, well, you're really lucky. Your support system is so strong, and on Galentine's Day, I hope you appreciate all those supportive texts that came from the other side of the phone and send some out, too.

When Monica, Rachel, And Phoebe Wore The Wedding Dresses

When you're single, Valentine's Day can truly be a nightmare. You scroll through social media and just see endless amounts of couples on their romantic getaways, getting glammed up for their hot dates. You instantly become so cynical about feelings, emotions, and this crazy thing called love.

On V-Day night, I hope you channel the girls from our favorite television crew. Who needs a partner and a ceremony to wear a wedding dress? Live out your wildest fantasies and throw the bouquet around with your besties. Love will come, but your lady friends are already here.

When Meryl Streep Started The Self-Worth Dance Party

*Cue the skipping along sidewalks on beautiful Greek islands.*

Oh yes, we could all take a little bit of love and inspiration from this dancing queen. Meryl Streep and her girl power band in Mamma Mia should be our underrated role models this Galentine's Day. They're independent and living life to its absolute fullest, even past when the credits begin to roll.

Nobody reminds us more of our self-worth than our besties, and dance parties will never go out of style. Put on the old Disney soundtracks, jam out to some Taylor Swift, or plug in your latest playlist to the aux. Do a little dance and get down this Galentine's Day.