40 Things To Do With Your Broke Best Friend That Don't Cost Any Money

No one knows and adores you like your best friend.

She's the first person you call when you wake up with oily hair and a hangover of Guinness World Record proportions, only to find she's coping with the same degree of pain.

She understands the realest version of you: the weird dance you do to Beyoncé, how often you really tweeze your eyebrows and how you never butter your pancakes. It’s true love, and you’re both deeply committed.

The only problem is you're nearly always together -- and that can get pricey. As much as bottomless brunching and trips to the movies are fun, they also add up.

In the interest of best friend bonding, we wracked our brains for our favorite activities that don’t cost a cent. Friendship is free -- it's finding ways to amuse yourselves that can require a little imagination.

1. Attempt to learn how to bake together. Blackened cookies are still totally edible.

2. Split that bottle of wine that's been sitting in your cabinet for as long as you can remember.

3. Finally tackle that pile of magazines you haven't read.

4. Discuss the idea of crafting a "personal brand" on social media.

5. Do away with that idea. Spend time choosing the perfect Instagram filter instead.

6. Redo your LinkedIn pages until they're perfect and you both seem like prime job candidates.

7. Apply for said jobs, using each other for emotional support.

8. Get tired of explaining why you're qualified. Muse about the company you two will start one day for a niche market. Knitted teacup covers? Temporary tattoos that become permanent?

9. Move on to Facebook stalking the hot new employee at work.

10. Agree to disagree about whether or not said person is good looking.

11. Follow him or her on Instagram, then upload a profile photo of you and your bestie dolled up.

12. Research obscure body piercings you both may want to get one day.

13. Become distracted and discuss the plot of this week's "Empire" instead.

14. Reminisce about '90s television then begin marathoning "Sabrina The Teenage Witch."

15. Quiz each other on "Teenage Witch" trivia taken from IMDB.

16. Bust out the nail polish collection and treat yo'selves to a manicure.

17. Discuss the pastel hair trend and potentially make a commitment to head to a salon. After all, you'll need to hold someone's hand during all that bleach.

18. Decide to give each other makeovers instead. Who says they're just for kids?

19. Go through your closet, making decisions about what's out of date and the pieces you don't wear enough.

20. Swap a few tops and dresses, hoping the other person will give them a bit more wear than you have.

21. Open up your laptops and digitally window shop, checking out all your favorite stores.

22. Get dressed and actually window shop, perusing the latest without breaking out your wallets.

23. Start planning for the upcoming holidays in advance. Costume ideas, Pinterest boards and decor ideas are all fair game.

24. Visit a museum you've never been to on free admission day. It's time to get some culture.

25. Discover that zoos, botanical gardens and art exhibits have free days, too. Make serious plans to go.

26. Sign up for a local list of cheap and no-fee activities, like New York City's The Skint. This is definitely the beginning of a new lifestyle.

27. Browse a nearby bookstore, sharing the latest reads you've been loving.

28. Camp out in a local park. Bring along snacks and Kindles. Spend the day just enjoying each other's company, like an old married couple.

29. Begin training for an athletic event, like a charity walk or a 40-mile-long bike ride.

30. Snapchat yourselves hilariously attempting to train for this event. It's harder than it looks.

31. Entertain yourselves by revisiting the card games you once played as kids.

32. Break out the arts and crafts supplies you squirreled away once upon a time. Glitter glue is still just as fun when it's all over your apartment floor instead of your parents' carpet.

33. Turn it into an entire glamour shoot. These images will only get funnier with time.

34. Play a favorite album, then challenge each other to remember every word.

35. Wax nostalgic about careers you could've had like pop singer or fashion designer. Move over, Britney.

36. Dig through your fridge and plan to cook something from the ingredients you never use.

37. Resort to eating chips instead.

38. Plan a new diet, in which neither of you will eat chips. Agree that the only "c" word involved in your new life plan is "carrot."

39. Consider there's a whole other "c" word that's applicable to that kind of lifestyle. Laugh yourselves silly.