7 Disney Movies On Netflix For You & Your Single Friends On Galentine's Day

Who needs Valentine's Day when there is Galentine's Day? It's a very special day that brings your whole squad together to celebrate each other. We don't need a SO to party it up in February, because we have all our single friends who we love just as much. Dressing up and going out for a fancy meal is too much when a cozy night in with your BFFs is also an option. All you really need are some of your favorite snacks, your besties, and the best Disney movies on Netflix.

Galentine's Day is truly about spending time with the friends you love, and these seven Disney movie classics that are available on Netflix have some of the best Disney heroines who you would totally invite into your squad as well. These Disney princesses truly don't need a prince to save the day, just like you and your friends don't need a bae to celebrate your Valentine's. Your party will be an awesome Galentine's Day Disney movie marathon, because Netflix has so many classics you will want to watch — from the animated movies to the Disney Channel OGs. Don't forget the popcorn as you celebrate loving all the single princesses in your life.

1. 'Mulan'


You can't get a more badass princess than Mulan. They were asking for men, but it was a girl who saved all of China. It would truly be a dishonor not to watch this movie on Galentine's Day. Plus, you know your squad wants to be singing along to "I'll Make A Man Out Of You" because you know all the words.

2. 'Moana'


Moana is pretty much a story about a young girl who travels across the ocean to fix a mistake a man made. Our latest Disney princess is truly all about female empowerment, and you're welcome. If you've never seen Moana, you definitely need to add it to your Netflix queue right now.

3. 'Beauty And The Beast'


Belle is a no-nonsense princess who didn't have time for Gaston, because she's too busy reading and looking for "adventure in the great wide somewhere."

You and your single friends can't go wrong spending Galentine's together with Belle. It also doesn't hurt that Belle is played by a fan fave, Emma Watson, either.

4. 'Princess Protection Program'


This Disney Channel OG movie stars both Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, so that's already a win. Plus, it's all about female friendship and these two uniting. That's exactly what you need for Galentine's Day with your favorite people.

5. 'Pocahontas'


Pocahontas wasn't going to marry Kocoum just because her father wanted her to. Just like Pocahontas, you aren't being tied down for Valentine's Day, so you know what's waiting just around the riverbend is an epic Galentine's Day party. Plus, you know you want to hear "Colors of the Wind" while watching Pocahontas slay it on screen.

6. 'Hercules'


Meg doesn't want to say it, but I will. I love Hercules. It's one of the best Disney movies, because you not only have a tough heroine in Meg but those Muses are fierce and fun. This is a great movie to add to your list if you and your friends really want to go the distance and dance around this Galentine's Day.

7. 'The Cheetah Girls'


The Cheetah Girls was all about sisterhood, which makes this Disney Channel Original movie a must for your Galentine's movie night. Watch all three of the movies in the saga, because they're all on Netflix right now. Though the OG, The Cheetah Girls, is the one that started it all, and has the best jams to dance to.